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September 11th, 2013 by

We wouldn’t get anywhere in life without some form of motivation.

The very fact that you are reading this demonstrates that you are motivated to some degree. Perhaps you simply need some motivational tips to gently nudge you into the right direction to make some big changes?

When it comes to weight loss, the key is to set positive, realistic and healthy goals. Rarely does this involve sticking a photograph of a Victoria’s Secret model on your fridge door… Not only because model dimensions are not healthily reachable by 99% of the population, but also because the images you see in magazines are often airbrushed to an inhuman level of physical perfection, i.e. the models themselves could never even look like that!

We all have an ideal weight that we once were. For some it might be a few indulgent months ago and for others perhaps a few years – before you had your baby or began a super stressful snack-inducing job. Whether a few pounds ago or a good few stone, have a rifle through some photos and find one of you at your happiest weight. This is your target. Now proudly stick your photo up wherever you’ll see it the most. The kitchen is a good idea as a reminder to think twice about that impulsive night time snack.

Another powerful motivational tactic is to purchase a garment of clothing in your ideal size which you love, or even find that dress which you enjoyed wearing when you were at your target weight. Now use it to measure your success. You may be a few weeks of Pilates classes away from wearing it; you may be months of hard graft and discipline away – but just visualize yourself when you fit into it again, imagine how proud you’ll feel. After all, how your clothes fit is the only way to efficiently measure successful slimming.

Everyone finds it hard to motivate themselves to exercise sometimes. So make it as easy as possible for yourself. First, find an exercise routine that you enjoy –sure a spinning class burns calories like the sun, but if you dread going it will be completely unsustainable. You need to mix up your routine for effectiveness and enjoyment. Incorporate your friends into your routine. Organize to go on a power walk or a jog, hire bikes, go horse riding – get creative!

If you prefer to train alone, give yourself some perks. Buy some great running shoes and work out gear and upload your ultimate favorite songs onto your iPod. The more you think about exercise the less appealing it may become, so rather than weigh it up in your head, just do it!

You must allow some room for indulgence, even when on a strict regime. Allocate yourself a day in a week when you meet friends for lunch and order whatever you like, or when you cook your favorite meal for your family or partner. Have something to look forward to, and you’ll find it far easier to stay on track.

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