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Weight loss can be one of the most challenging battles that you encounter in life. Trying and failing to reach your ideal weight can be incredibly frustrating and demoralising. Usually the factors responsible for sabotaging progress include stress, low-self esteem, sadness and boredom.

A common cycle experienced by individuals trying to lose weight is known as ‘yo-yo’ing – to lose weight, then get stressed/bored/upset/anxious and they overeat, feel guilty and go through the motions time and time again. This makes long term weight loss an even bigger hurdle.

Dieting and nutritional plans address the physical action of eating, but until you change the way you feel about food, you may never get to the root of the problem that has been holding you back. Through hypnosis it may be possible to change your mindset altogether, in order to gain control over cravings and emotional responses to food.

Hypnotherapy is thought to encourage you to develop a whole new relationship with food and exercise, to break down your barriers for true body confidence.

So how does hypnotherapy work for weight loss?

Your hypnotherapist is essentially a weight loss coach who will guide you into a state of deep relaxation. In this relaxation mode, a hypnotherapist will be able to access your unconscious mind. Here they will be able to identify the root causes of your overeating. Visualisation tools and methods will then be employed by the hypnotherapist in order to promote new ways of thinking.

Hypnotherapy is built on the premise that over time negative habits will be replaced with positive ones as encouraged by your therapist.

Many people are sceptical when it comes to alternative therapy like hypnosis. The fact is it is shown to be highly effective for some individuals and not for others. Success rates may reflect the level of acceptance and belief the individual has in the techniques employed.

Hypnotherapy techniques are designed to tap into your primary senses and emotions.

These include visualisation methods to focus on the fitness and health that you desire and the vision of your new look in comparison to how you look at present. You may be encouraged to imagine the success that you will feel when you reach your goals and the energy and confidence that you will acquire as a result of your success.

These visualisation techniques – amongst many others – are designed to propel you back into the driving seat when it comes to your emotions and eating habits. They are known to help bring back an enjoyment of healthy food, to help extinguish cravings for sugar, caffeine and foods responsible for your weight struggles. Hypnosis is also believed to help crush sources of anxiety and tackle the root causes of your eating habits.

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