Weekly Photo Update – Week 3

July 15th, 2013 by

week 3

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12 Responses to “Weekly Photo Update – Week 3”

  • David, I am newly following your blog and would like to congratulate you on your progress and journey! This is not easy and the way you are doing it is fantastic! I can only imagine the struggles of juicing only. I was once over weight and started seeing issues. I am in my late 20s (and male). I was about to push over the 200 pound mark and started having back/neck pain, knee pain, trouble sleeping, etc. My blood pressure was even a tad high for my age (130s/x). After much research and reading labels and more research, I have lost near 38 pounds, and am down to a consistent 165. :) I exercise off and now, I need to do more, but I control my weight mainly by diet, and my stress by trusting in God and meditation techniques. By diet, I mean grain/gluten free, limited dairy, and a low glycemic index diet. I am studying to be a preventative holistic health coach and nutritional educator. I am going to start my own business by the end of the year.

    I encourage you to keep up your work and push through. And stop by my blog/ Facebook page, as I am always adding helpful info and scientific proof of different things (gluten, sugar, corn syrup, GMOs, etc). And feel free to email me questions or comment on the blog (or Facebook page once you ‘Like’ it). Keep pressing on! :)

    • dmmd1983 says:

      Thanks for you detailed comments, would like to discuss more about starting your own business and expertise :) I will drop you an email.

      • David,
        Sounds good! Anytime you’d like. Starting out on a journey as you are can be very frustrating and confusing, especially if you start to plateau and your weight isn’t dropping quick anymore. Or you are sick of eating the same things (i know you’re juicing, but still). Feel free to email and ask questions. Learning can be fun and theres so much to learn about lifestyle changes. :) Plus, health isn’t all about diet. It may start there, but we need to take care of our mind and soul, too. Having a guide/couch/ or just someone who is a tad farther ahead to bounce questions off is always good. Oh, and on my homepage you’ll see a facebook icon to the FB page. If you have access, ‘Like’ it so comments and sharing info can be easier/faster. Good luck and I look forward to your emails. :)

  • Jean Dunn says:

    Ha ha David – typo! meant good work and not god – but hey you never know, divine intervention and all that!

  • Jean Dunn says:

    Hi David not sure if you remember me from Crosshell (!) lol, anyway your mum told me about your blog, glad she did as I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It makes great sense to me and you are very motivational in a solid educated approach, above all your abject honesty is refreshing. Keep up the god work and thank you, I will look forward to your updates!

  • gina4star says:

    wow! You’re doing amazing! Willpower is such a powerful thing, it can be really hard to muster up but can make such major differences! Love reading your journey, :)

  • John says:

    You are doing great and I am super proud of you. Do you have planet fitness where you live. If so, it is a judgment free zone. I weigh more than you and I have not felt uncomfortable at all. I have a proposal for you. On my blog, I like to feature other people and their journeys (it helps people see different ways of getting to the same place). If you want to write your journey and send it via e-mail ( I will post it with a link to your blog. This way we can help each other out. Let me know. And keep up the good work.

  • paigeinabo0k says:

    I was reading your journal from day 16 about your loss of energy and I was thinking that if you have access to vitamin supplements I would highly suggest to look into buying some green tea extracts – they boost your metabolism and give you an energy kick, caffeine free! And you can take up to 6 a day, 2 per meal 3 times a day. It’s really helped me out as far as energy goes. Especially right before a workout! By the way you’re looking great, keep it up sir!

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