Upgrade Your Toast!

January 24th, 2014 by

Upgrade Your Toast

There is no more convenient and comforting start to your day than a slice of toast. If you can’t live without this breakfast classic, then upgrade it to enhance this everyday eat into a super slice of nourishment. Try these delicious toast toppings and see how your energy soars throughout the morning… I warn you now, there’s not a jam jar or chocolate spread in sight…

Marmite: If you love this yeast extract spread, then rejoice in the fact that it is one of the highest sources of the B vitamin complex, which is required for brain power, energy shots and mood enhancement. Alas, a spread of this gooey greatness isn’t enough to constitute a balanced topping, as it contains only a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it spot of protein. So begin with a slather of Marmite and then build your breakfast from there. Try mashing ½ an avocado, and a sprinkling of chia seeds on top. The avocado supplies minerals, fibre and a generous dash of essential fats which will help keep your energy levels pumped. Each tiny chia seed is saturated with omega 3 fats and essential amino acids making them the perfect toast topping for protein and texture that is vacant of taste – allowing the Marmite tastiness to shine through! A handful of nuts or a couple of slices of cheese will top this toast off perfectly, adding a pop more protein to the mix. You could also try pairing

Nut butter – Forget sugar stuffed peanut butters, and opt for phone spy 100% pure almond or walnut butters instead. Or you could try pure pumpkin seed butter which is a delicious twist on the toast-top classic. Nut butter is a great source of protein, but you’ll want to add some sort of fresh food to balance the overall nutrition. Slice a slightly under-ripe banana on top or enjoy with a handful of berries. Thinly sliced carrot also complements nutty tastes beautifully, adding welcome vitamins and minerals to the topping.

Cottage cheese is converted to breakfast food in an instant when you decorate it with berries to make it a vehicle for sweet goodness. Blueberries and strawberries work deliciously well with cottage cheese which is a fine source of protein to keep you feeling full until lunchtime.

Hummus fans could eat it for every meal, including breakfast. Pair this Greek dip protein with avocado and watercress spy on phone calls and text messages or pear and beetroot slices. Both equally delicious! Celery also adds a refreshing crunch to the breakfast munch.

Eggs really are the absolute optimal toast toppers due to their perfect amino acid content, making them the most ‘complete’ source of protein that you can eat. If you have time, poach, scramble or boil and slices, cover or order essay dip the toast whilst pairing with a handful of watercress and a slick of Marmite.

If you have time, posh it up, and top your toast with smoked salmon slices, poached egg and wilted spinach for a tasty, nutritious weekend breakfast which is bursting with essential fats and protein.

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