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The Top 10 Most Effective Weight Loss Tips

January 13th, 2014 by

Here are the top 10 weight loss tips to get that lean tuned body easily without too much effort.

Top 10 weight loss tips

  1. Watch your food groups – It is more important to address the specific food groups in your diet than your overall portion control, simply because it tends to be the veggies or proteins that get the cut when reducing plate portion sizes. In any healthy diet, including for weight loss, protein is absolutely essential. Build your meals and snacks around lean proteins such as fish, meat, poultry and eggs, which should be about a palm-sized portion. For snacks, not so much protein is required – 5 almonds will suffice alongside an apple for example. Colourful vegetables should make up half of your plate, including plenty of greens; and carbohydrates should be limited to whole food versions only (no refined, white rice, bread or pasta.)
  2. Have a maximum of 2 level tablespoons of complex carbohydrate writing an essay with every meal – so quinoa, millet, brown rice or sweet potato (which is technically a starch, but perfectly healthy). Remember vegetables and fruits fall into the carbohydrate camp too, so for example, a portion of protein with a huge colourful salad constitutes a perfectly balanced light meal, without phone mobile spy the need for crackers, bread, rice etc.
  3. Drink green tea! Replace your normal hot beverages with pure green tea. It has been shown to help speed up the metabolism rate and increase fat oxidation too… For more information, go here.
  4. Take coconut oil – Try 2 tablespoons of
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    this lovely exotic stuff every day. Cook with it instead of oils, cram it in smoothies, melt it into teas and add it to yoghurts and porridge. Make sure it is extra virgin and 100% pure. This is the fat the fuels the fat burn furnace inside you, and is linked to a realm of mobile phone spy impressive health benefits. For more information go here.

  5. Ditch sugar. Sugar turns to fat mightily fast, and is stored there in your stubborn fat pockets. It is addictive, feeds disease and makes us fat – so ditch sweets, the white stuff in your http://essaybuyersclub.com/ tea, refined carbohydrates, fizzy drinks and fruit juices. Check labels, and focus on fresh, whole foods, rather than relying on ready-meals which are processed and dumped with lumps of sugar.
  6. Try cinnamon – the sweet aroma of this spice is associated with all things Christmas and coffee shops! Factor it in all year and add to smoothies, yoghurts, porridge, stews and tagines. Cinnamon naturally helps to balance your blood sugar levels, which helps prevent dips in energy and spy cam app for windows phone consequential pangs for sweet nothings…
  7. Focus less on calorie counting and more on filling the take my online class body with nutrients. Calorie counting is a warped logic – low calorie diets can in fact be fattening if the calories are coming from the wrong foods… For example, a chocolate bar might have less calories than a fillet of salmon. But the calories in the chocolate bar are a concoction of sugar and simple carbohydrate which will zoom to fat cells and hibernate there. The calories in the salmon make up essential fats and protein which will nourish writing report for payin and burn as energy, without taking up residence in your flabby bits. Essential fats and proteins are often high calorie foods but actually help you burn fat and lose weight!
  8. So remember your fats – essential fats should feature frequently in your diet – oily fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines 2-3 times a week, nuts and seeds, olives and avocados should all be on your list. These fats nourish and repair, and help to keep you fuller for longer.
  9. Walk more! Take the stairs, walk to the shops, skip the bus and take your legs instead! A great tip is to always walk like you are late for an important interview. This will get your heart pumping and fat burn accelerated, without even stepping into a gym! See your life as a constant workout – fidget, squat, lunge, run the stairs (when safe) and be as active as possible!
  10. If you want to sweat it out, try high intensity interval training, for serious fat-burn and calorie blast. If you type HIIT workouts into your internet search engine, hundreds of free videos will pop up for you to try at home! For more info go here.

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  • Diane Davies says:

    I hope you are having the right foods after training, you warn off refined white carbs here but nothing better for muscle and bone repair after a long run than a white bagel with peanut/ nut of any kind butter and a big glass if chocolate milk, within 20 minutes of run completion :-)

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