‘Thinking Big’

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Most of us have been conditioned to ‘think small’ without even realising it. You grow up learning that you should be thankful for what you have, and that you should not be greedy or expect too much because there are always people less fortunate than you.

This mentality has contributed toward making us feel undeserving of realising our ultimate dreams. For this reason we tend to dismiss them as fantasy and focus on living in our current circumstances – however dissatisfying or unfulfilling they may be.

Your brain is very powerful, and your thought processes have magnificent consequences.

The Buddhist school of thought is centred by the philosophy that thoughts become your reality. Once we change our way of thinking we can begin to change our reality.

Spiritual leaders and authors have echoed this sentiment for centuries, providing guidance on practicing affirmations and visualisation techniques in order to manifest goals and aspirations.

‘Thinking big’ is becoming master of your reality.charles-schulz-peanuts-think-big1

Positive thinking brings about positive change. Think about when good things happen at the beginning of your day. You bask in the light canadian mail pharmacy of success and your brain switches to ‘positive’ mode. When this happens you begin to notice other positive changes throughout your day – people respond and ‘feed off’ of your positive energy and in doing so reflect it back to you. Doors open for you, opportunities come knocking. This is a small example of ‘thinking big.’

If you are having a bad day, getting stressed and focusing on the negatives your brain is switched to ‘negative’ mode. You seek out problems, because your brain is told that this is your reality; this is what you are visualising. Without knowing it, you are giving out a negative energy.

Now apply this to your life in general. If you are thinking small, and telling yourself that any big dreams are fantasy and not reality, your brain will never seek out ways to make them happen – it has been told that they are impossible.

This applies to all areas of your life.

You may have convinced yourself that you are happy in your current professional role because you don’t think you deserve anything better. Therefore you do not visualise your next step up, so your brain is stunted, it can’t seek out a way to progress. So guess where you’ll be in ten years time…? Still ‘thinking small?’

‘Thinking big’ applies to your health too. If you want to lose weight but cannot visualise yourself as healthy and slimmer, perhaps it is because you don’t think you deserve it; this is a very common state of mind – often developed from other people’s reactions to you. Without realising it you have been forced to ‘think small’ – to create a huge obstacle between you and the ‘healthier you’ that ultimately would make you happier.

If weight loss is your ultimate goal, then you need to focus on ‘thinking

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your friends and family will respond to your achievements, how proud they will be to see you so happy. Think about how that will make you feel. You are visualising your goal – this is re-setting your brain into making it a reality.

It is important to frequently practice these visualisation techniques. ‘Thinking big’ is a state of mind that requires training. Once you have got into the habit of focusing on the goal ahead, you will become master of your reality in all areas of life.

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