The ‘Right’ Fats Recipes – ‘Get Your fats Right’

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We are told by the media to avoid fats in order to stay slim and healthy, but there is so much wrong with this message. For a start there are different types of fats, some best to avoid and others absolutely essential to good health and happiness! Some fats are vital to fuel the inner fat burn mechanisms in your body, so actually fat helps to keep you thin! A ‘low-fat’ diet brings with it a whole array of health hazards. Here is a day’s worth of meals and snacks which follow a strictly fat-friendly mentality…

Breakfast –Full fat natural yoghurt with seeds and fruit. Full fat yoghurt is far better for you in every way than low-fat or even worse, fat-free versions. When the natural fats in yoghurt are extracted to make the ever popular and vastly misunderstood ‘low-fat’ versions, much of the goodness is emptied out, such as the absolute

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essential (and commonly deficient) vitamin D. Since fats provide much of the flavour, chemicals and sugars are then piled into the product to try to compensate for the lost flavour – and guess what happens with these sugars? They are stored as fat! The full-fat products are the ones to choose, not only for the nutritional benefits but also for your waistline. Yes the right fats in the right quantities are not stored as fat – they are a preferred source of fuel for the body!

A.M Snack – Six Brazil nuts and 2 pieces of dried apricot. Brazil nuts contain omega 6 essential fats and a number of nutrients needed for healthy skin including antioxidant vitamin E and selenium. Almonds, cashews and walnuts are great alternatives.

Lunch – A platter of hummus, sundried tomatoes, olives, feta or mozzarella cheese with a green salad. The hummus provides natural pure vegetable fats found in sesame and chickpeas, and the olives are rich in essential fatty acids as well as a whole host of essential minerals including calcium. A green salad of watercress, rocket and spinach will complement the flavours perfectly.

P.M Snack – A handful of seeds like pumpkin seeds with some berries or a slightly under-ripe banana. Pumpkin seeds are full of oils like omega 3 essentials. They are also brimming with zinc.

Dinner – Take a fillet of salmon and steam, poach or bake. You can buy pre-steamed salmon in supermarkets which are ready-to-eat and great for those with no time to play with! Once cooked, drizzle the fish with fresh lime juice and scatter with coriander leaves. Serve with a chopped avocado and whichever vegetables you fancy. Asparagus goes well with this salad, as do chopped walnuts. Dress with olive oil, honey and more of the freshly squeezed lime. A little soy sauce will also add a savoury touch. If you require, add some complex carbohydrate in the form of quinoa, brown rice or corn crackers. A poached egg adds a nice additional dimension to this salad too.

P.S. Remember saturated fats are NOT a no-no… Red meat is an unrivaled source of nutrients including iron and B12. A couple of high quality, lean pieces of red meat a week are recommended.

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