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The Importance of a Support Structure for Weight Loss

September 11th, 2013 by

Successfully losing weight is largely about changing certain behaviors. Sure, you have it in your power to get to your target weight, but without the support around you it could be ten times harder…

There are always setbacks in life, and weight loss is no exception. You will have days when you crumble and days when you don’t have the energy is testosterone in viagra or motivation to fight old behaviors from creeping up on you.

This is where

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a support network is so important – to remind you of your goals, and your incentives and to pick you bestoverthecounter-viagra.com up when you may otherwise seek comfort in food. Your support network may come in the shape of a partner or a friend – they may even be on the same weight loss journey as you. Your support network may constitute a support group or a family member – perhaps all of the above. It will depend on personal preference as to who you delegate the role of support to and how many people you involve.

Your support network is not only there to viagra online canadian pharmacy encourage you through forward testing times, but also to celebrate with you and praise you through each step of success. Praise has a powerful effect on future progress.

Your world may be full of well-intentioned bad influences! These include colleagues who bring cakes and cookies into work, friends who encourage tempting and calorific food choices when eating out or family members who constantly top up your wine glass. The effects can knock you back, and are they really worth it?

Learn to surround yourself with people who will support and respect your goals. Often people don’t realize how serious you are in your pursuit to lose weight. If they did they are likely not try to divert you off track. Make sure that you communicate to those closest to you how important your weight loss intentions are.

Support groups in the form of ‘Slimming Clubs’ appeal to some people. The weekly meetings act as a soundboard for hurdles encountered during the week; issues to which most people present will be able to relate and even offer constructive advice on. The weekly ‘weigh-ins’ also appeal cialis diarrhea to some people as they act as incentives to keep your goal at the forefront of your mind, and to break up your journey into manageable short-term goals. If you have a lot of weight to lose, you may find that breaking up the journey into weekly incentives can make it feel less overwhelming. A slimming club can act as support when you progress forward and if you experience set-backs. They are there to motivate and encourage you, when you might otherwise be hard on yourself and spiral into bad habits as an emotional response.

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