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Supplements for Aiding Weight Loss

February 25th, 2014 by

weightloss supplimentBefore I begin with this article, it is important to point out that there exists no miracle pill to pop which miraculously melts away excess body fat whilst you eat what you want, and limit your exercise to walking to the fridge from the sofa. The following supplements are shown in certain trials and research to help support the process of healthy weight loss, when combined with mindful nutrition and regular exercise.

Green Tea – A lot of scientific research has been poured into the link between green tea and weight loss. The verdict is that this wonder brew is quite powerful when it comes to revving up the metabolism, thanks to sacred little compounds called catechins that swim

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through it. When combined with caffeine, this ingredient elevates your fat blasting action over an extended period of time, and may also slow down the rate of carbohydrate absorption and help stabilise insulin levels. Green tea is shown to enhance results of exercise as it may maintain the elevation of metabolism during your heart pumping training session. When supplementing, look for levels of up to 500mg of the active ingredients catechins. Generally speaking, a minimum of 5 cups of pure green tea a day is recommended for optimal health and weight loss support.

Chromium – One of the most important mechanisms in promoting healthy and effective weight loss isn’t restricting fats or cutting out food groups – it is in fact, balancing your blood sugar levels. When you keep your blood sugars and therefore insulin levels at an even keel, you are setting yourself up for stabilised energy levels and far fewer cravings. Balancing your blood sugar levels also helps to inhibit your body’s fat depot mechanisms. Overall, without blood sugar balance you’ll find successful weight loss (and long term maintenance) a near impossible task. On top of dietary measures to level out your blood sugars, you can support and enhance results by supplementing with the mineral, chromium. This naturally aids equilibrium and has been shown to successfully enhance healthy weight loss plans. Around 600mcg a day is recommended in supplement form. Do note that this supplement will only prompt results if your diet is leading the way. Take a look at our guidance to a perfectly balanced plate here.

Omega 3 – This is the fat which keeps you fit, healthy and slim! Omega 3 is needed for a million and one essential tasks around the body, and one of them is to fuel your inner fat burn furnace. It works on a number of levels to accelerate your metabolism and is even believed to help actively melt fat stores away during stints of exercise, when supported with smart nutrition choices. Rarely do we manage to cram in the recommended 2-3 portions of oily fish like salmon, mackerel and sardines a week, so supplementation may be your answer. Around 3,000 mg of omega 3 fish oil is recommended on a daily basis, and ensure that they contain about 520mg of EPA and 375mg DHA which are the active constituents of omega 3 essential fats.

Do check with your health care practitioner before embarking on any new supplement regime, especially if you have any existing health complications, or take medications of any description.

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