Super Healthy Juices You’ve Never Thought to Make…

February 21st, 2014 by

healthy juice

Juices are a delicious way to cram more fresh veggies and fruit into your diet. The 9-11 portions a day recommendations can be tricky to hit, so blasting a bunch of nutrient-bursting ingredients in the blender is a sure-fire way to get at least< 50% there.

Of course, juicing the same fresh produce day by day can suck out to fun and enjoyment of juicing, so here are some ingredients and recipes that you may never have thought to blend before…

Sweet potato – if you thought this vegetable purely exists to rendezvous with some melted marshmallow at Thanksgiving, you’re mistaken! The health and beauty benefits from this colourful spud together with its naturally sweet and taste bud-tantalising flavour make it a perfect candidate for juicing. And no, sweet potatoes cialis for daily use< do not need to be cooked. Try the following recipe:

½ a small sweet potato, chopped

1 small handful of fresh parsley, chopped

1 apple, chopped

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1 handful of spinach, chopped

1 handful of dark coloured berries

1 cup of coconut water

Blend and serve over ice if required

Leafy greens & cruciferous vegetables – OK so these don’t sound like the tastiest components phone spy of a slurp-up juice feast, but the goodness to these greens is unrivalled by any viagra en usa< other of Mother Nature’s offerings. The great thing about foods like kale, watercress, spinach and cauliflower is that they shower your juice with superior nutrition, whilst being easily camouflaged by wisely matched accompaniments. Take the following recipe for example…

1 handful of kale

1 handful of chopped cauliflower

2 sticks of celery

2 cooked beetroots

1 cup of strawberries


1 handful of chopped pineapple

1 cup of coconut water

Spices – So mulled wine may be your limit when it comes to spicing your liquids, but actually the health and flavour benefits of perking up your palate reach far and wide. Take cinnamon for example – a delicious flavour (not just for sprinkling on top of a festive latte) and its anti-inflammatory how to spy on mobile phone for free and blood sugar balancing actions make it the definitive super spice. Turmeric is also lovely when let loose to juice. Its digestive perks and potent anti-inflammatory properties are highly regarded and the beautiful colour transforms a dull drink into a feast for the eyes. Why not try the following..?

1 handful of watercress

Juice of ½ lime

½ tsp. ground turmeric

2 carrots, chopped

½ tsp ground cinnamon

1 pear, chopped

1 banana chopped

1 cup of coconut water

Nut butters – Want to make a meal of your juice? Then you need to add protein. You may go down the conventional route of a good quality whey protein powder, which is fine, or might you dabble with some more inventive ingredients? Nut butters, milks, ground seeds and live yoghurt all add a delicious and nutritious twist to juicing. Not only do they pop in some protein, but also a unique dash of flavour. Try this:

1 cup of unsweetened almond or walnut milk

2 tbsp. ground chia seed OR ground almonds

2 tbsp. pure almond butter OR 2 tbsp. live yoghurt

1 banana<

½ tsp cinnamon

1 handful of mixed dark berries

1 handful of spinach

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