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If you were to attend a motivational speaking event, you would hear a lot of personal success stories. There is nothing more powerful than seeing and hearing the results of someone’s success to spur you on.

Take the book ‘The Secret’ – one of the biggest selling inspirational texts of modern times.  This book is packed with success story after success story in order to reinforce the message of positive affirmations, visualisation techniques and the laws of the attraction. Usually the stories begin with a personal struggle or unfortunate turn of events, and – after implementing powerful mind forces – result in success. If this book simply discussed the techniques for positive affirmations and the power of the mind, and left out the success stories, it would have nowhere near the same level of impact. Readers would not be emotionally hooked in – they’d have nothing to identify with.

People engage in hearing other people’s stories, they relate and empathise. If a story is relayed effectively, the audience will be gripped; they will attach themselves emotionally and as a consequence they will gain insight into success – how it feels and what it looks like.

If an individual is booked in to attend a motivational workshop on weight loss, it is highly likely that they themselves wish to lose weight. If they then hear a story which they fully identify with, they are likely to pull strength and drive from the success that is described. They will put themselves in the position of the speaker. When emotions and struggles are described, the listener will feel those emotions – they will be able to identify and relate to them. When the feelings associated with success are described, the listener will feel the success for themselves, they will see themselves in the position of the speaker – engaging powerful visualisation techniques. These visualisation techniques propel them onto the pathway toward success. They are seeing and feeling themselves having accomplished their goal – this stimulates the brain to pave out the pathways toward success. The brain is told that this is a reality, and now it’s time to make it happen.

Success stories also offer guidance – they provide insight into the methods employed to reach the common goal that the audience members share. The speaker is living proof that these methods work. Take for example, making money online. The speaker will have accomplished this field, and offer valuable words of advice for the audience, which he will charge them to hear. Would this advice serve to inspire if he were to talk in general terms? No. He will outline his journey from the beginning: from when he was in the exact same position of the audience member, right through to where he is today – sitting on millions of pounds of profit. He speaks in a way which grips and excites the audience; which encourages empathy, visualisation and most of all motivates them to follow his lead. 

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