How To Do Statement Make-Up Looks

January 5th, 2014 by

greeneyes8Red Lips have the ability to completely transform a look. They are the Rolls Royce of the make-up world, providing an eye popping slick of glamour to your pout. But there are rules to follow to ensure your red lips look chic not cheap… Start by carefully selecting your shade. Letter box red is not for everyone, and blonde’s and red head’s tend to need a cooler colour, whereas brunette’s can often get away with a wider range of rouges. Many factors will influence what red you rock such as skin tone and eye colour, so go to a make-up counter and ask for advice. Once you have your shade, you need to address the rest of your look. Red lips look sophisticated and beautiful when the rest of your face is ‘played down.’ If you have too much going on, you’ll risk looking less ‘beauty queen’ and more ‘drag queen.’ Red lips require a fresh, flawless, glowing base as the statement colour can draw attention to any blemishes or redness occurring elsewhere on your complexion. Your eyes require only a neutral slick of shadow, some mascara and perhaps liner if you’re going for ‘all out glamour.’ Exfoliate your lips, dab on some lip balm and line them with a matching red lip liner. On to super smooth lips, dab on your colour, apply evenly and carefully. Next blot with a tissue. Apply your second coat on top carefully and make sure that your lips are red-stain-free!

Cat’s Eye Flick – This is another big hit in the ‘glamour’ stakes, and often the look that women struggle to master. Purchase a liquid eyeliner, and go for one with a pen-like nib for maximum control. Apply before you dress your lashes in mascara, and rest your elbow on a firm surface to steady your hand. Draw along your top lash line, and flick out gently at the corner of your eye. In order to get this even on both sides, look at your bottom lash line and flick out as if extending the line from there, so it will gently flick upward. Take it as far as you dare!

Defined brows – This makes every look more polished, but there is a fine line between defined and ‘drawn on’! Despite current make-up trends of reality TV casts, artificial looking brows are never going to look good. No matter how thick you want to wear them, always strive to maintain a natural look. Use pencil and powder duos which match your exact brow colour – any darker will look instantly fake. Extend the arch gently and fill in any gaps, helping to enhance their appearance. Always ‘do’ your brows in daylight to avoid a stark ‘china doll’ expression.

False eyelashes – If you want your lashes to look enhanced rather than screaming ‘false’ go for individual lashes, which can be applied professionally or at home. Simply identify the fullest areas of your lash line and add the subtle lash tufts there. Your eye shape will appear beautifully enhanced when lashes are added to the outer edge to create a wowing winged effect. Apply mascara and eye liner after attaching the lashes, and be careful with the glue – always lash-up in the brightest light to ensure no glue-in-eye situations.

Dark nails – Red, aubergine and dark cherry nails complete a look with a chic pop of colour. Before painting, ensure that your nails are well manicured – dark colours look best on short, neat nails rather than long talons. Condition and push back your cuticles to instantly tidy up the nail surface. Then file them short and to whatever shape suits your fingers – often people find that shaping the nail tip to reflect the curve of the nail bed is most flattering. Apply a clear base coat to prevent staining and brush a couple of coats neatly to each nail. Finish with a strong top coat to extend the wear of your manicure and enjoy admiring them!

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