Slimming Makeup Tips

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Make your eyes look bigger

Gigantic eyes slim down your face by comparison. Make them look bigger and wider with clever makeup tricks. Apply a light beige shadow to the lids and white eyeliner to the bottom inner eye line. Both of these tricks widen the eyes. A highlighter applied to the inner contour of the eye socket also serves to make the eyes appear wider. Define the upper lash line with a flick of liquid liner to open the eyes up and create a fuller look. When it comes to the lashes use curlers to prep them for mascara application. Long, thick eyelashes make your eyes seem to grow instantly. Apply your mascara generously while carefully avoiding clumps; focus on defining the outer lashes to widen the eyes.

Groom your brows

Well groomed brows take attention away from the perimeter of your face. Define the length and arch of your brows by filling them in using a brow kit. Elongate the brows but remember to keep the look natural. Invest in a high quality brow kit to groom, enhance and maintain.

Make your lips look plumper

Drawing attention to your eyes and lips are two of the most effective ways to slim down your face. A simple application of tinted lip balm will work well here, with a little gloss to define and create further volume.

Contour your face

Using bronzer, highlighter and blush create definition and structure to slim down your face. Bronzer is highly effective when applied to the hollow of your cheeks. Keep it incredible subtle. Apply to the temples and jaw line to create a tighter and more toned illusion. Highlighter lifts and tones to the face when applied just above the cheekbones. Apply a subtle line down your nose to slim it – this creates an overall slimmer looking face. Blusher is best applied to the apples of

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your cheeks to create natural and youthful volume as a way to define and structure the overall look of the face.

Make your hair look bigger and higher to elongate the face

Giving your hair natural volume and height will serve to slim the face in comparison. Subtle quiffs and volume from the scalp frames the face.

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