Slimming Fashion Tips

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Tip 1 Match your trousers, tights and shoes. If they are all black and your heels add at least a few inches of streamlining height then you could appear a good 5 pounds lighter! Black is the ultimate slimming colour for an overall slimmer silhouette. Chocolate brown, dark navy and charcoal grey also have the same slimming powers – after all black can create quite a draining effect on some skin tones.

Tip 2 Balance: Refrain from wearing a loose fitting top with a wide leg bottom. This will drown your shape and create the illusion of a fuller figure. If you are wearing wide legged trousers ensure that they fit the waist – this is a flattering look for all shapes. A fitted blouse, shirt or T-shirt on top with snug and supportive underwear underneath will offset the wider look of your legs. A fitted cardigan on top will also flatter.

Tip 3 Tapered jackets whittle down your waist. Hip skimming, tailored blazers and jackets flatter all shapes and create the illusion of a slimmer torso.

Tip 4 A tailored pencil skirt helps to slim the hips, enhance feminine curves and doesn’t clutch on to your hips, making all body types appear sleeker. Go for darker colours if you have wider hips and experiment with bright bold shades if you have slimmer legs and thighs.

Tip 5 Create a streamline look with high waist jeans, high heels and a tucked in shirt or top. Flared jeans are the most flattering style for this look, but straight cut or fitted jeans work well if you are confident enough to pull it off.

Tip 6 Try a stretchy belt that pulls in your waist. Thicker belts actually work better to slim your waist than thin ones.

Tip 7 A V-neck flatters large busts, and a dress with this neckline and a cinched in waist has the ability to flatter any body type, just as long as it is well constructed. Quality fabrics create a svelte shape.

Tip 8 If you are going for prints opt for the most delicate patterned garments as these are the most slimming. A subtle, lightly patterned dress can be very slimming when accessorised with black tights and a hip skimming fitted cardigan.

Tip 9 You will appear slimmer if your top garment skims just below your waist. So if you are wearing a pair of jeans and a T shirt, make sure the T-shirt is a long fitting design.

Tip 10 Invest in an all-season-appropriate pair of nude court shoes. They appear to extend and elongate your legs and go with just about everything in your wardrobe. Pointy toed designs have the most leg slimming effects.

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