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Self Discipline

September 11th, 2013 by

We are bombarded with temptation in life. The human mind is powerful, but will typically crumble when presented with the ‘forbidden’. Trying to lose weight or simply clean up your diet is a pertinent example of this. You enjoy your healthy meals and snacks, and you have embarked on a brand new exercise regime, but caught at a temporary moment of weakness, suddenly all you can think about is stuffed crust pizza.

We know that self discipline is key for achieving anything worthwhile in life, not least a healthy body that you are confident in, so here are some tips for carrying you through tempting times…

1. Set yourself goals – Establish what you want to achieve, whether it be a slimmer silhouette, a healthier body or a more muscular physique. This is your ultimate goal. Now set yourself a time-scale and mini-goals to hit each week. These are your steps to success. The human brain responds well to goals which are achievable in the nearer future, and you will likely reach your final goal faster.

2. Photographs – Aspiring to look like a model is obtainable for about 1% of us. In fact, many models wouldn’t be able to look like the images of themselves in magazines! The most effective inspiration can be found a lot closer to home! Take photographs of yourself as you achieve your goals. The camera doesn’t lie, and you will be able to monitor your progress in the most effective way possible. It is hugely encouraging to witness your hard work paying off. When a temptation strikes, take a look at how well you’re doing. You’ll be surprised how powerful this technique is.

3. Team up with a friend or your spouse in a bid to get healthy or lose weight. You’ll be there to encourage each other, and to motivate each other to exercise together and eat what you’d planned. Sometimes you need someone to remind you of all your hard work when you get a hankering for a tub of Ben n Jerry’s.

4. Did you know that music can satisfy the brain in a similar way to food? When you have a craving for something naughty, play your favourite song – it will help refocus your mind and you’ll feel the craving melt away!

5. Have treat days! It is the oldest trick in the book,

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but it really is so important for helping you to stay on track. Don’t deny yourself of your favourite foods, just enjoy them at allocated times. For example have a day on a weekend when you enjoy your favourite workout in the morning and then indulge in some treat foods with friends over lunch. Savour every bite in the knowledge that that piece of chocolate cake or bowl of pasta is helping you to stay on track to reaching your goal!

6. Remember you are human. Sometimes we fall down, and the very worst thing to do is beat ourselves up about it. If you have a moment of weakness, just dust yourself off and get back up again.

7. Don’t beat yourself up if you stumble

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One Response to “Self Discipline”

  • Susan Dhavle says:

    Good advice David. Have been thinking of the 30 minutes of exercise, at least walking, everyday that I read about from you yesterday. Am going to make it a practice.

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