The Power of Positive Thinking

January 31st, 2014 by

Positive Thinking

Did you know that you possess the power to dramatically turn your ‘luck’ around? Through shifting your mind set, you could change the events of your future, your relationships and even your health…

Positive thinking is a lifestyle. You don’t have to be born with the ability to look on the bright side, but you need to be open to your abilities and self-worth in order to join the armies of ‘glass half full’ thinkers. You can always retrain your mind to ‘think positive’ and here’s what you’ll gain when you do…

Positive thinking improves your relationships. This applies to every relationship in bubble that you call your world. People who think positively for themselves see the best in people. If you are negative about yourself – your abilities and your appearance, then you are likely to be negative about others too. Those people who accept themselves, and are content in their own skin are likely to accept others in the same way, which will automatically make them far more enjoyable to be around. When you strive to see the best in life you will open up the eyes of those around to the opportunities and reasons to be happy. It is an infectious attitude. If you are negative, you run the risk of sapping energy from those around you, which won’t make you particularly good company!

Positive thinking opens up opportunity. When you look on the bright side, you automatically establish opportunity in less-than-ideal situations. The mind is powerful – if you can visualise a way to succeed or reach your goal, you will gradually seek out ways to achieve it, because you are telling yourself that it’s possible. If you worry and fret, focusing on worst case scenarios your mind will focus on taking you there.

Positive thinking reduces stress. When you think positively you are automatically cutting out a huge chunk of deadly stress. Those who think negatively will worry and fret about things that an optimist will brush over. If you learn to look for opportunity in all of life’s challenges, you won’t get nearly as stressed.

Positive thinking makes you healthier! The benefits of stress-busting reach far and wide in the body. Stress promotes the release of damaging free radicals which are shown to damage cells, tissues and DNA in the body, promoting fatigue, disease and inflammation. By cutting down on stress, you are dramatically reducing your release of these radical rogues, and helping to strengthen your defences and lower your risk of illness as you laugh your way through life.

Starting to think positive starts today. Here are some tips…

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  1. Simply smile! This really does help to reduce stress and make you feel lighter. A smile has the ability to flood your mind with positive thoughts, and people will respond more warmly toward you too.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people and bask in their energy! It is infectious.
  3. Consciously switch your thought process when you think something negative. For example rather than ‘I am going to struggle so much with this new job’ turn it around to, ‘I am going to rise to the challenges that this new job throws at me, and learn so much!’
  4. Be grateful for all the things that are positive in your life. Positive people count their blessings frequently. Focus on the good things, and smile!
  5. Accept that nobody is perfect – and you are no exception.
  6. You create your own life. The moment you realise that you have to take responsibility for your future is the moment you make things happen. Don’t play the victim, life doesn’t have it in for you. Learn from what has happened, take the lessons forward with you and leave the rest behind.

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