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November 29th, 2013 by


It takes preparation to stay on track when it comes to eating healthily and keeping up an exercise routine.

Planning your meals is essential. If you don’t plan ahead you will often find yourself grabbing something quick and convenient and eating things ‘just because they’re there.’ Unfortunately convenience foods tend not to be the healthiest options, and if you’re really hungry with nothing to eat but a few biscuits, your low blood sugars are likely to call that decision.

Planning ahead doesn’t have to take up lots of time. Simply dedicate half an hour to draw up a plan of your meals and snacks for the week ahead, and make your shopping list accordingly. Look online for ideas of healthy snacks and dinners, and make big batches of lunch options to freeze or refrigerate in preparation to take with you to work. This is also a great way to economise, as you’ll be buying less meals and snacks from restaurants or expensive coffee shops.

If you are eating out, take a little time to research places where they have healthy options for you. For example, Italian places are usually a no-no as they tend to have very carbohydrate heavy menus. Fish or sushi restaurants usually offer a number of figure-friendly options, to make menu-navigation a breeze.

Store emergency snacks in your handbag or at your work-desk. Include mixed nuts, seeds, dried and fresh fruit, natural yoghurt, vegetable sticks and hummus.

Have a few ‘healthy treats’ for when needs strike. Dark chocolate, sesame sticks and popcorn are lot less devilish than a tub of ice cream or a tray of doughnuts, and they hit the spot nicely. Have them stored away for a rainy day, and feel smug in the knowledge that even your treats are planned!

Allocate workout slots for your week ahead, and stick to them. You may have to plan around it, such as preparing a larger lunch at work to see you through that evening spin class or plan a relaxing evening before that 7am Pilates class. Make sure your exercise gear is clean and packed, alongside your running shoes and ipod and have them packed by the door to whisk off with you come morning!

If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail!

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