Why Your Pet Is Good For Your Health!

February 9th, 2014 by

pet good for health

If you’ve ever had a pet, you’ll know how life enhancing they can be. A loyal dog becomes a valued part of the family, and an affectionate cat can melt a dedicated owner’s heart. As well as giving us a welcome lift (and perhaps a soggy slipper) as we arrive home, our pet may be to thank for our good health and wellbeing… ‘Puppy therapy’ is a growing trend in alternative treatments and many health practitioners recommend clients with suitable lifestyles to consider getting a dog for stress management and cardiovascular support.

Perhaps it’s time to give into your child’s pleas for a puppy?! Read on…

One of the joys of adopting a pet into your home is the cuddles. Nothing is more soothing for an animal lover than curling up alongside your furry friend and petting them – this simple pleasure holds mutual benefits! It is proven than stroking your pet, or even gazing into an aquarium holds powerful blood pressure reducing benefits and cardiovascular support, through stress reduction. Yes making a fuss of your animal reduces stress levels considerably.

If you’re worried about exposing your child to the grime and dirt that a dog can pick up on his travels, relax. Infants who are fortunate enough to call a dog their best friend are shown to develop far stronger resistance to allergens during childhood, making them healthier teens and adults. In the same way a jab exposes the body to allergens in order for the immune system to learn to produce antibodies, a pet helps cultivate a community of antibodies in your child’s immune system. The fact is, wrapping your child in sanitary cotton wool will do nothing for their health and immune development. What is even more impressive is that your dog helps promote the health of your infant before they’re even out of the womb! A pregnant woman who is also a pooch owner, exposes her unborn child to allergens which desensitizes them to allergy. A 2008 study demonstrated that prenatal pet exposure can increases antibody production in the umbilical cord.

The heart health benefits of a pet owner are credited not only to the stress reduction that our furry friends encourage, but also the exercise that they force us to take! Who could resist those pleading puppy dog eyes as your dog wags his tail clutching his lead in his mouth? Subtlety is never a dog’s strong point! An adult dog averagely requires between 1 and 3 hours walking a day – that is an awful lot of cardiovascular support as well as calorie burn to keep you trim and heart happy.

A dog is a great way to meet people. Often strangers can be pretty closed off to others walking past them on the street, but if you have a dog there is far more of a connection to other dog owners. Often the dogs will have a friendly sniff of one another (standard canine ‘how do you do?’) giving you time to chat and even become friends with fellow dog owners in your neighbourhood. Frequent socialisation is shown to be an important factor in staying healthy and happy.

They teach you what matters in life. A dog has an infectious fun loving attitude to life – they live in the moment and teach you to do the same, leaving worries at the door when out walking and playing. This is a brilliant coping mechanism when times get tough. Natural mood enhancers, they are likely to help ward off anxiety and depression.

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