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???????????????????????????????I have always struggled with being overweight and a lifestyle of excess. At the age of 10 I joined a local slimming club for the first time which was the beginning of my yo-yo dieting experience. I lost a total of 24 pounds/11 kg and managed to get into the school football team, I was too young to grasp the concept of needing to change my eating habits in order to keep the weight off and during my teenage years the weight continued to creep on. At the age of 17 I weighed nearly 300 pound/134 kg due mainly to the influence of alcohol and fast food, at this point I decided to return to the slimming club and get into shape before heading off to University. I lost a total of 60 pounds/28 kg and felt good, I didn’t reach my goal of keeping it off because with my new found confidence of looking attractive I started drinking and partying again! This lifestyle continued through University and into my working life.

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I was earning good money for a graduate straight out of University and I enjoyed the lifestyle that it brought. It was great fun being able to eat and drink what and where I wanted without the restriction of money, granted I wouldn’t have anything left at the end of the month but I was able to do most of the things that I wanted. After a year or so of this lifestyle I applied for and got another job for a Fortune 500 company but in doing so took a hit on my wages in order to enter their graduate scheme and the opportunities that this offered. The new job meant that I had to purchase a car and run it for the long commute each day which reduced by disposable income significantly. Having this new job also meant that I had to buy a new wardrobe of suits and it was awful having to go online to buy suits My Story - 1because I couldn’t walk into a ‘normal’ shop and buy one. I was overweight, unhealthy and single but I had a good job with great prospects. At this point it wasn’t the fact that I was overweight and healthy that bothered me but the fact that although I was deemed to be on the right path to a successful career I still couldn’t attract a girlfriend. At this point I decided that I needed to lose weight in order for girls to find me attractive – luckily my mum told me about a very low calorie diet and the fast results that could be achieved. It sounded great to me and I signed up to a local class, on my first weigh in I hit the scales
at a total of 340 pounds/155 kg. I never thought I was that heavy, I had been conning myself about the extent of my problem but now I was determined to do something about it! I lost a total of 84 pounds/38 kg, felt and looked good. I wasn’t at my target weight but I could now attract women which was my downfall as I was dating in bars and restaurants, spending money, eating and drinking the wrong things again. I fell into a fairly serious relationship for me which resulted in another weight gain as I was now in my comfort zone and didn’t need to look good to impress – so I thought!

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I decided to take a 6 month secondment position in Libya with my company just as the recession started hitting our office and redundancies were happening in order to weather the financial storm. During this 6 month period I impressed sufficiently that the Libya branch wanted to keep me full time. It was a difficult decision as I had family and a girlfriend at home but I had the chance of working on the largest housing and infrastructure program in the world in a senior position at a very young age. I grasp the opportunity and was given a fantastic package. I was earning more than my friend’s parents and life was good! My weight would fluctuate over the next 2 years but I never put on all of the weight that I had lost with the very low calorie dietUntitled4 and for those 2 years I had a great lifestyle travelling the world. It was after 2 years in Libya when I decided that I had enough, it was a very difficult job and living in a country with a restrictive regime didn’t help matters. I managed to get a new position with my company in Kazakhstan working on a high profile job on behalf of the US Government but this time my salary was doubled! Life was going to get even better. I could do what I wanted and I did. I partied and enjoyed the excesses of being financially able to do exactly what I wanted and when I wanted to do it. – generic cialis canada – can you buy cialis online – best viagra online – generic viagra 100mg

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I piled the weight on in Kazakhstan and went back to my heaviest. My job was extremely frustrating and stressful. After just over 2 years I had the opportunity to set up a Joint Venture in Tanzania. I had visited Africa a few months prior to go on safari and start the due diligence process for taking a 50% stake in this proposed new company. I liked the potential of the deal and having the opportunity to run my own company. I decided despite having found a wonderful girlfriend that I was going to head out to Tanzania to chase oil and gas money. I undertook my due diligence and found that the local company that I was going to partner with was unethical and could not perform at the level that they had stated. Luckily I did not put my planned investment into the company so I came out of it relatively unscathed. I learned a lot from this adventure but more so when I was left by my local partner to Untitled7be for 2 days in Mtwara, a little village near the Mozambique border. It was remote, there was no infrastructure, it was dirty and poor – like hell on earth. The 2 day trip for my partner to be turned into 4 week break, he went AWOL during contract negotiations and I was left to fend for myself in the middle of nowhere in remote Africa. I was frustrated and felt unsafe especially with the sound of gun shots ringing in the black of the night. During these four weeks I did a lot of soul searching whilst sat in a hot sweaty, stinking shack of an office with temperamental internet connection, surrounded by lizards and mosquitoes. It was horrible, I looked at myself, overweight, unhealthy and unhappy stuck in the Tanzanian bush on my own. There were some dark times but I decided that I didn’t want this lifestyle, being unhappy chasing oil and gas dollars in unsafe, remote locations without hot running water or a steady electrical connection, every night the power went out and I was left sitting on my own in darkness. I made the decision to leave Tanzania and return to Kazakhstan to live with my girlfriend whilst I finished off my MBA dissertation and change my lifestyle for good. Upon returning to Kazakhstan I decided to start to develop a system for achieving my goal based on my lifetime’s experience of being overweight. I weighed in at 27 stone/378 pounds/171 Kilos with a goal to reach 14 stone/196 pounds/89 kilos meaning I have to lose a total of 13 stone/182 pounds/82 kilos which I am aiming to do this within a year.

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On April 13th 2014, 294 days after I started the process of changing my life I completed the London Marathon in a time of 6 hours and 32 minutes! In just over 9 months I went from morbid obesity to completing a major goal that people with good fitness levels struggle to achieve. It was incredible day and one that I will never forget. The support I received leading up to and after the race was unbelievable and I am extremely proud of what I have accomplished. I am not where I want to be just yet, I am going to continue to lose weight and increase my fitness levels, set myself another amazing goal but most importantly I want to continue to inspire and motivate people to become the person that they want be.

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