Most Flattering Styles for Your Shape

September 18th, 2013 by

Fashion is all about enhancing and flattering your body proportions and making you look your best.

When determining your figure type, forget all notions of size and weight and concentrate only on your shape.

We are all unique, but the way in which our figures are proportioned will generally place us into one of five categories: pear, wedge, rectangle, apple or hourglass.

Pear Shapes – This is a common body shape, characterised by a wider proportioned lower body in comparison to the torso. The hips are wider than the shoulders, the bottom is curvy and the waist defined. If this spouse spy phone software sounds like you, try A-line skirts which flatter wider hips and thighs, experiment with colour blocking – try light colour tops that contrast against dark colour bottoms. Wear strapless tops and dresses, ruffled cardigans and jackets and recovery pro cell phone spy software jumpers which sit just above the waistline. Try cowl, square and boat neck tops, and pointy phone spy boots and shoes to elongate the legs.

Wedge Shapes – This figure-type is characterised by wider shoulders in comparison to a narrow waist and hips. Emphasis here is on drawing attention to the slim legs and waist. Wear bold or bright coloured trousers, full skirts and wide legged jeans. High-waist style trousers, shorts and skirts will serve to flatter. Spaghetti tops and strapless styles may draw attention to wider shoulders, so be wary of these styles.

Rectangle shapes – The waist, hip and shoulder dimensions are similar, and this body type is normally more streamline and slim. Creating curves with clothing pieces and accentuating slender arms and legs would be recommended fashion focus for rectangles. Sweetheart style tops create curves. Styles which emphasise and nip in the waist can create the illusion of a slender hourglass physique. Layer up your garments to add dimensions and experiment with bold colours – concentrate on creating shape and curves. Strapless and spaghetti strap tops and dresses suit rectangle body-types.

Apple – Weight normally accumulates above the hips with this body type. Legs are normally more slender than arms and torso. If this sounds like you, dress to emphasise your legs and elongate your torso. Wear belts around spy phone software for iphone the smallest higher part of your waist to create an hourglass silhouette. Empire tops and dresses flatter an apple shape. V necks help to elongate the upper body. Skirts and shorts draw attention to slim legs, and boot cut or bell bottomed jeans help to balance the upper and lower body dimensions.

Hourglass – Shoulders and hips are in proportion and punctuated by a smaller waist. This is the definitive ‘curvy’ body type, which is easily flattered. Wear clothes to draw attention to your curves like pencil skirts and scoop neck tops. Belts serve to accentuate the waist and high waist skirts and trousers enhance the gentle volume in your hips. Fitted and wrap dresses celebrate womanly curves. Wearing baggy clothing can swamp an hourglass figure and create the illusion of a larger physique.

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