Makeup Tips for All Ages

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Makeup helps us look and the more beautiful but its time consuming. Quick makeup tips to make it quick and less cumbersome.


This is the age where your skin will be looking its very best. Accentuate a luminous complexion with shimmery highlighters and contouring shading, to enhance the look of your cheekbones, brows and taut jawline. Eyes can pop with metallic shades and glitter for a party – this is the age to have fun with your makeup looks. Every age suits mascara, but in your twenties feel free to experiment with different coloured lashes, for eye-colour accentuation, such as plum mascaras or blues to make your eyes appear even brighter. Subtle rouge blended into the cheeks draws attention to their youthful fullness, and a glossy lip is oh-so-flattering and girly.


Opt for base shades which are neutral and wearable, yet eye-catching, like coppers, bronzes and brown eye shadows. Combine a subtle infusion of matte and shimmer to accentuate your features – a matte cheek colour looks stunning with a light reflecting golden shimmer along the top of your cheek bones to help lift your face. Shimmery eye colours may be complemented with thick black lashes – go for thickening, high volume lash mascara for that youthful doe-eyed appeal. Warm, nude shades look great on the lips, or play down your features to make room for an eye-catching red or berry pout. In your 30’s onward it is especially important not to overdo makeup. Playing up the lips, eyes and cheeks will make you look older – play up one feature at a time – be it your eyes or lips. Well groomed, full brows are naturally youthful.


Your 40’s are a time to play up your eyes. Your face shape may be evolving, but your eyes will always be your most beautiful feature as they change the least out of all your features. Focus on what shadows accentuate your eye colour as well as your skin tone and hair shade. Use eyeliner to draw attention to your lashes and eye shape. A lengthening mascara will flatter your lashes in a subtle fashion. Your skin will look best with a natural coverage which matches your skin tone exactly. It can look very ageing to wear a heavy foundation or an unsuitable shade. Prime your skin with a radiance booster underneath your foundation or base. Pinkish, nude lips look the most flattering when you’re playing up your eyes. Pay attention to your hair colour. Often a lighter shade of your natural hair colour will suit you best as you travel through your 40’s.


Elegance is the look to go for in your 50’s onwards. Work on defining the facial features in a subtle way. Work on a dewy, youthful complexion, using lighter foundations or BB creams. Try priming your face beforehand and use radiance boosting products right before applying your base. Define your eyes to lift your face, but avoid chalky eye shadows as they can be drying and settle into fine lines. A slightly shimmery or metallic shadow in a light neutral shade will flatter. Experiment with subtle flashes of colour to make your eye colour pop, and make the whites of your eyes look brighter. Define your eyes with mascara on the top lashes, and avoid heavy eye liners as they can actually make your eyes look smaller as you age. A little carefully applied liner can do wonders though, so seek advice from beauty counters at your local department store. A peachy or apricot hue to the cheeks is beautifully youth enhancing. Define your lips with darker shades that complement your skin tone and hair colour. Opt for moisturising blends for your lips.

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