Make ‘High Street’ Look ‘Designer’ In An Instant!

January 30th, 2014 by

Most of us don’t have the cash to splash on expensive wardrobe fillers each month, but nobody has to know that! It’s all about having a savvy eye for classic styles and holding a few priceless tips up your high street sleeve to make your clothes scream high-quality!

Tip 1 – Tailor. A £10 top will instantly appear pricier if it fits perfectly. Find a great tailor who will transform each of your looks, and what’s more – they’ll last longer too!

Tip 2 – Keep your shoes looking sharp. Shine your shoes, and keep them scuff-free – this is the most important rule when it comes to footwear. The second most important rule is keeping the heel tips fresh, because worn-out heels scream cheap over-worn shoes. Wipe mud and marks off of your footwear as soon as they are made, because this unsightliness will build up otherwise to the point of no return.

Tip 3 – If there’s one item to spend money on, it’s your coat. This is the garment that people notice first, and it will be your shell for months. It doesn’t matter what’s underneath, as long as the first impression is high quality. So think coat and shoes (oh and really great hair!)

Tip 4 – If in doubt, opt for the black version! Darker colours such as browns, blacks and navy blues tend to look more expensive and higher quality than lighter shades of the same garment, this is because blemishes and creases appear minimised, and black simply is the ‘classic’ colour to wear.

Tip 5 – Dry clean your ‘special pieces’ like coats, favourite dresses and tailored trousers. Even if the label assures you the machine is fine, the clothes will last longer and look slicker if they are professionally cleaned.

Tip 6 – Invest in a few ‘statement’ pieces of jewellery, which are designer inspired. These pieces, if worn with confidence, can make a look go from drab to fab in an instant, as they command attention.

Tip 7 – Store your clothes smartly, so that creases fall out and they are preserved in all their beauty, so that they are wear-ready whenever you are! Clearing out your wardrobe really does pay off…

Tip 8 – If any of your dresses or blouses are satin, always steam them (investing in a steamer may be for you…) Creases instantly cheapen a look, and there are no more obvious creases than those in satin and shiny material.

Tip 9 – Get a great blow dry for hair with some serious swish-factor! Big hair that is full and glossy makes an outfit pop, and your overall look a lot more ‘maintained’ and glossy. Hair extensions more often than not will only cheapen a look, because rarely do they appear natural. Keep your hair trimmed regularly to avoid split ends.

Tip 10 – A neat, polished manicure completes a look with a well-groomed effect.

Tip 11 – Pearls are the epitome of elegance. Pearl studs and pearl necklaces are worth investing in, and go famously well with black outfits, especially a well-tailored LBD…

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