How to Lose Weight without Building Muscle

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So you want to achieve a lean, toned physique without bulking up. An athletic body does not need to include bulging muscles. Here are some tips on how to achieve it:

Often people place too much emphasis on their training routine, whist neglecting to address their eating habits. The fact is if you are not eating right, you simply will not achieve optimal results.

You may have a beautifully toned body, but if there is a layer of fat covering it, it is going to remain hidden! Honing and toning through viagra online Pilates and gentle weight training will build tone, but a diet without the right quality and quantity of protein sources will simply conceal it.

Make sure that you are eating plenty of lean protein sources such as fish, eggs and chicken. Eat within 20 minutes of training in order to send the amino acids to worked muscles pronto – they will respond most efficiently in this window of time. Vegetables also play a vital role. Protein is acidifying on the body which lends to inflammatory processes and increased risk of injury. Adding plenty of alkalinising foods to your plate, such as spinach, watercress and cabbage will contribute to an overall more favourable pH balance. Also the fibre from plenty of fresh produce will encourage elimination and enhance healthy fat loss.

It is sugar and refined carbohydrates that mostly serve to feed layers of fat and prevent your inner athleticism to shine through. Cut out refined sugar entirely. Switch all your white carbohydrates to whole grain and decrease portions of these to a maximum of a couple of tablespoons per meal, rather than half of the entire plate.

Remember that avoiding fats is not the answer to reducing body fat! In fact eating the ‘right’ fats is an important factor in the weight loss equation. Essential fats such as those found in foods like salmon, avocado, olives, normal dose of viagra sardines and mackerel help to fuel the inner fat burn process. So eating fats can help you burn fat!

When it comes to training, focus on a combination of cardiovascular activity and gentle resistance training to gradually hone and tone, whilst cialis alcohol interaction burning fat.

Push yourself, and don’t settle for the same intensity and time frame for every workout you do. Pushing yourself just a little bit further past your comfort capacity each time you work out will signal to your body to make a change, which is how you burn fat whilst developing delicate tone.

Interval training is an effective way to generic cialis canada achieve fast rates of fat-burn. It involves short stints of high intensity exercise which challenge the body to its maximum capacity. After an interval training workout the body continues to burn calories very quickly and efficiently for hours.

Bulking up and building visible muscle mass is not a concern for most women, as testosterone is the hormone responsible for muscle-building. Women tend to have insufficient levels of this hormone to fall into muscle-bulk territory.

Focus on mixing up your routine to address all areas of your physique – this will promote overall slenderness and subtle tone. Exercise which is focused on your core strength is important here. Disciplines such as Pilates and Yoga both engage core workouts through body balance and resistance techniques. They also address posture through lengthening and stretching the muscles to create an overall slimmer silhouette.

Don’t be afraid to employ light dumbbell weights during resistance training. They are highly beneficial tools for successful fat burn, and for the development of muscle tone not bulk.

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