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January 28th, 2014 by

Keep Clam

Everyone has times when their inner calm seems to run out of fuel. Panic, worry and stress are not only the anti-calms but the anti-health too. Here are some top tips to cultivate inner drops of calm and peace even when chaos is cascading all around.

Breathe! OK so this may seem obvious, but when you are stressed out by something, the brain has a way of spiralling out of all reason, so by overthinking things when you’re in a panic simply magnifies the problem in your mind, making you even more stressed! Stop the cycle right there and shift your focus onto your breath. This may seem like a challenge when you’re in a whirlwind of worry, but it really is effective. Take yourself into a place where you can be alone – if that has to be the ladies loos then so be it! Breathe in deeply and focus only on this for 5 minutes. This moment for ‘time out’ will inject some serenity into your brain and help you to cope.

Move! Exercise is a preventative method of stress management. It is so easy to skip your workout when stressful times hit or your work schedule starts to overspill into personal time, but getting just a quick workout in will help you be far more productive and calm to cope. Exercise helps to balance stress hormones, but only in moderation – remember if you are stressed don’t overdo the gym as it could exacerbate the situation. Focus on practices like Yoga, Pilates, power walking and swimming when life throws a few too many curveballs. Or if your stress is caused by one person in particular, never underestimate the power of a kick boxing class!

Think Vitamins! Eat plenty of vitamin

C, as it is devoured by the stress monster and required to support the ‘stress houses’ of the body, your adrenal glands. Think peppers, greens, broccoli, lemons, limes and berries!

Stock up on lavender! If you find that stress seeps into your sleep ability and prevents adequate shut-eye, cultivate calm by filling your boudoir with fresh lavender or lavender scents. This is shown to help reset a stressed immune system back to normal levels, and lavender is like sniffing sleep-inducing lullabies for fraught brains.

Write your worries down – This is especially helpful before you head to bed, as it has the effect of transporting your worries from your mind to the paper, and keeping them there, in an effort the ease the mind. This can work during the daytime too – have a notepad handy to scribble your thoughts, ideas of worries onto – this is a great stress busting tactic. Try it.

Cuddle a pet – If you don’t have a cuddly creature under your roof, visit a friend or family member who does. The stress relief that petting and playing with a dog or cat can bring is what makes pet owners significantly less prone to heart disease and high blood pressure.

Look up! Looking up to the sky is proven to lift the spirits and help you to see things more clearly.

Surround yourself with colour – decorate your work space with fresh flowers – the natural beauty and scents will work synergistically to promote calm and serenity.

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