Home Workouts When You Can’t Make the Gym

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Often we see exercise as exclusive to the gym. We get ‘in the zone’ only when we enter the building, and channel our inner athlete when immersed in this honing and pumping environment. But what happens if you can’t make the gym for whatever reason, do you forgo your cardio altogether?

Sometimes the process of gym going can

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gobble up a lot of our spare time. Travelling there, getting ready, stuffing our belongings into a locker and then waiting around for equipment – sometimes, as much as we’d like to work out, we find it all a bit too much hassle to bear!

Have you ever considered bringing the gym to you?

Of course, most people have not the space or inclination to build a mini gym at home (and that’s not to mention the expense!), but with access to so many professional workout videos online, DVD’s, and of course the great outdoors – just as many calories can be blasted away from the confinements of the gym.

Here are some tips to train for free:

ü Utilise free workouts online. Online fitness experts have revolutionised active lifestyles. Simply search for whichever workouts you prefer – it may be Pilates, resistance exercise, HIIT routines, Yoga or kick boxing… The list is endless and there are brilliant professionally developed and administered exercises available to us all. In the time that you would have travelled to the gym, you can fit in a super high intensity workout in the comfort of your home, before getting on with your day. No expensive membership required.

ü Use the free outdoors – Walk, run, cycle – Get some fresh air as you burn calories! Plan all kinds of different routes and you’ll find a run so much more stimulating than when confined to the repetition of a treadmill. Make sure that you invest in some high quality footwear, and a flask of fluid and you’re good to go. Cycling is a fantastic family time activity. Keep the kids happy and entertained as you burn calories, discover new pockets of the country, and bond!

  • Invest in a couple of workout DVD’s – High quality Pilates and Yoga DVD’s are fantastic for mixing up your routine, building flexibility and tone, and resisting injury. Great for ‘rest’ days from cardio, and a quick workout before lazy days at home. All you need is an exercise matt, a little space and a slot of peace, and off you go. Namaste.
  • Walk! So many people glide through the day on a cloud of gym-released endorphins, but wouldn’t dream of walking to the shops or taking the stairs. Staying active throughout the day and walking places rather than taking the car or bus, can burn just as many calories if kept consistent than a stint at the gym!
  • Get a dog! If you have the time and lifestyle to commit to a dog (and like them!) a dog is the perfect keep-fit tool. You’ll burn so many calories playing with a dog and taking them for their daily walks – who could resist those pleading puppy dog eyes – absolutely no way you’ll be able to excuse yourself from that workout. Keep up with your canine companions pace and you’ll discover a whole new meaning to power walking. A dog has an infectious love for life too which will fill you with even more vitality to accompany your flood of endorphins.

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