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October 23rd, 2013 by

Tip #1 Get past the ‘excuse hurdle’…

Do you get enough exercise? If not, why not? Lack of time? Lack of money? These are the top two reasons why people are leading increasingly sedentary lives, which is a major contributing factor to the globesity epidemic.

There are always answers though. Lack of time is a problem all too familiar to us, but there really is no need to work out for a solid hour each day. In fact sometimes shorter stints of high intensity exercise can be far more effective than a laborious slog on the treadmill. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great way to enhance fitness, burn a significant count of calories and economise your time. Routines range from 8 minutes to an hour, and many HIIT routine videos are available for free online.

If you can’t afford a gym membership then I’m sure you can afford a fitness DVD, such as Pilates, kick boxing or Yoga. These are invaluable to those restricted to at-home fitness.

Take the stairs instead of the lift; get off the bus a stop early to walk; arrange power walks with friends and take your dog out more! There are so many easy ways to incorporate exercise into your day, and it is the small changes that together make a big difference.

Tip # 2 Mix Up Your Routine…

One common fitness mistake that many people make is to engage in the same physical activity every time they train, such as running on the treadmill for an hour three times a week. You’ll feel like you’re doing yourself some good and it is certainly better than nothing, however the body will get used to the same motions and it won’t be challenged. It will economise its energy output accordingly as it knows what to expect. Your fitness levels will plateau, and you won’t burn as many calories or power up your metabolism as you once did. Challenge your body by incorporating plenty of variety. Run one day, power walk the next, engage in some HIIT training and take a Pilates class. You get the picture. When your body doesn’t know what to expect it will switch up to calorie-blasting, metabolism-revving mode.

Tip # 3 Target Areas…

Cardiovascular exercise such as running and cycling tends to address the body as a whole, but it is mainly your legs and core that are getting worked. Hone in on exercises which address different areas of your body and mix them up. For example engage in some light dumbbell training to enhance the tone in your arms, Pilates is great for the abdominals and squats really work your upper thigh and glute muscles.

Tip # 4 Warm up and down!

Another common mistake is through lack of time, people don’t waste precious workout minutes on a warm up or warm down. This is just asking for injuries and cramps, as well as reducing the efficiency of the body during your training. Make time for a good number of stretches before any exercise and again at the end. A good 5 minutes for both the warm up and the warm down will suffice.

Tip # 5 Hydrate

Lack of hydration can really hold you back from reaching your target times and levels of training. When people work out first-thing they often forgo the morning thirst quencher in their hurry to scurry gym bound. Always drink plenty of water before a workout, and take a bottle to replenish throughout. Coconut water provides highly efficient workout refreshment, but make sure it is pure (not flavoured, as this means a heap of sugar). When we sweat during exercise we lose electrolytes as well as fluid. Coconut water contains minerals to replace the electrolytes lost in the perfect ratio, therefore keeping you alert, energised and refreshed. Water works well too! Do be wary of sports drinks in general. Always check the label for sugars, as you will often find that they contain about as much as a can of Cola.

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