Goal Setting & Attainment

September 18th, 2013 by

As we evolve and develop as humans we need to set ourselves goals.

These may be personal goals, related to losing weight and exercising or they may be professional goals such as aiming for a job promotion or new career path.

No matter what your goal, the first thing that you must ask yourself is ‘do I really want this?’ Goal setting for another person’s gain will almost always fail to materialise, for example losing weight – not because you want to, but to please your spouse, or quitting smoking because your family are pressurising you to stop.

Unless you truly want something, you are likely not to make it through the willpower tests that inevitably follow. Determination and drive make for successful realisation of goals, and without the genuine desire to reach your

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goal destination you will not manage many steps forward at all. Your goals must be your own and they must inspire you.

Long term goal setting is what tends to inspire achieving smaller goals which feed into the long term ones. Long term goal setting requires ‘big thinking’ and it requires visualisation. Focusing on seeing yourself once you have achieved your goal, and imagining how it will feel are integral and powerful techniques for encouraging attainment of the smaller life goals which get you there.

Let your imagination take control. Thinking big and being passionate about what you want to achieve can be more effective than knowing how you will achieve it. Often people are afraid of their goals, because they just don’t know how they will achieve them. If you have enough passion, drive, positivity and visualisation, often the pathway to get there becomes evident. Visualising yourself once you have achieved your goals is a way of positively telling yourself that you will get there. This way of thinking stimulates the brain to seek out pathways to success.

Sharing your goals is a step forward to achieving them. On one level, people around you may know of ways to help you succeed. On another far more impacting level, once you have told people about your goals you will feel accountable for them – it will spur you on to take action and make them happen. It is advisable to reveal your goals to the positive people in your life who will encourage, rather than those who may dampen your spirits with doubt or disbelief.

You will reach milestones throughout your journey, and a reward to punctuate each small step forward will serve to drive you on with renewed vigor to reach the next.

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