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Healthy fats of coconut and coconut oilCoconut oil used to be considered a demon to dieters everywhere due to its high saturated fat content. The tables have now well and truly turned, with its ‘super food’ stripes gleaming –

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everyone is talking about coconut oil. Here’s why…

Its fatty acids are powerful health enhancers – Coconut represents all that is wrong with low-fat diets. This exotic fruit contains the highest level of saturated fat of any food, but it is the type of saturated fats swimming inside it that make all the difference. The fatty acids are medium chain triglycerides which are very different to those found in butter or cheese for example. These healthy fats are swept up from the digestive tract and transported to the liver where they are swiftly burnt as fuel (rather than stored) or transformed into ketone bodies which are known for their endless list of therapeutic benefits.

It increases your energy expenditure. The concept of ‘calorie counting’ when it comes to weight loss is outdated and inaccurate. It is now recognized that the type of foods that is eaten is far more significant than the calorie count, and coconut oil is a fine example here. It is absolutely saturated with calories and fats, but shown to stamp on the accelerator of your metabolism, helping to melt away fat stores and speed up your fuel burn mechanisms. Frequent consumption of coconut oil< alone is shown to increase daily energy tennis playing woman in cialis commercial< expenditure by up to a whopping 5% which in the long term is some serious weight loss.

Coconut oil contains lauric Acid and monolaurin – both of which are broken viagra side effects cure< down in the body to exert their anti-bacterial and anti-microbial powers, known to kill bacteria, virus and fungi, including Candida Albicans.

We are programmed to believe that saturated fats are bad news for our hearts and cholesterol levels. But once again, coconut oil re-writes the rules and shows us that its unique cocktail of medium chain fatty acids help to stabilise cholesterol levels in favour of the ‘good’ cholesterol levels, known as high density lipoproteins (HDL), which reducing the artery attacking LDL (low density lipoproteins). Rat studies also demonstrate that coconut oil may help to improve blood coagulation factors and antioxidant status.

The ketone bodies that are released from coconut oil are shown to support brain capacity and even help ward off conditions such as Alzheimer’s. Often in Alzheimer’s affected brains, the ability to utilise glucose as energy is shut 10 milligram cialis< off in certain areas. It is believed that the ketones from coconut oil are used as an alternative source of energy for malfunctioning buy generic cialis< brain cells, which may, astonishingly, reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

It can help you lose weight! Frequently consuming coconut oil is like throwing logs to the fire of your metabolism. It is shown to be particularly effective at helping to burn fat around the abdominal area – which can be the most dangerous weight gain problem zone.

All this, and there’s more?!

Coconut oil is a multi-tasking beauty essential. It conditions the hair and scalps, moisturizes the skin, nourishes cuticles and nail beds and can even be used as a spot treatment to fight bacteria! Invest in a pot of this wonder oil and you’ll never need to buy another beauty product again!

Just always ensure you go viagra for sale cheap< for 100% pure, unrefined, extra virgin coconut oil.

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