Gluten Free Meal Ideas

November 16th, 2013 by

Here you have a gluten free day’s worth of meals and snacks:

Breakfast – Scramble 2 eggs with a little butter and a handful of spinach. Serve with a shake of black pepper alongside half an avocado. This meal provides plenty of protein and vegetable fibre and antioxidants, alongside the essential fats of the avocado which nourish your body cells, skin and heart. The protein, fibre and essential fats will help keep your energy levels flowing steadily.


A.M Snack – If you are grabbing something from a shop, go for a sesame seed bar and a piece of fruit. If you are organised and prepared, have a pot of live natural yoghurt and a couple of pieces of dried fruit, such as figs or prunes.

Lunch – If you are picking it up from a shop, go for a quinoa based salad, with no other grains. To add protein, add some cold chicken chunks or a can of fish. Additional vegetables can come in the form of carrot or celery sticks.

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Or make your own batch of quinoa salad to store in the fridge and take to work with you in a container. Quinoa is naturally gluten-free and has the additional benefit of amino acid content, making it a higher- protein grain. It will help to keep you feeling full and satisfied until dinner.

Cook a cup of quinoa in boiling water with 2 tsp of vegetable bouillon stirred in for seasoning. Quinoa is cooked in the same way as rice. Once the quinoa is cooked and drained, create your own salad: add chunks of chicken, turkey, tempeh, feta chunks or fish for your protein quota. Then add the vegetables – peppers, diced red onion, carrots, kale and spinach work well. Some chopped apple, raisins and dried apricot add a sweet edge to the dish. Then sprinkle in plenty of seeds like pumpkin and sesame seed, or perhaps a handful of almonds and cashews. Coriander or mint leaves on top can finish it off with a refreshing twist of flavour.

P.M Snack – A handful of nuts like Brazils, almonds or walnuts with a small handful of berries. Blueberries for example have high levels or fibre and antioxidants whilst being a relatively low sugar fruit.

Dinner – A palm-sized piece of salmon, served with sweet potato mash with cabbage stirred in. Serve with chopped asparagus and leek mixed with feta chunks and cherry tomatoes with a little oil drizzled on top.

Dessert – Frozen yoghurt, honey, hazelnuts and stewed plums or a couple of squares of dark chocolate.


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