Are You Getting Enough…? (Greens!)

January 26th, 2014 by


So we all know that it’s important to eat our greens. Mother Nature really went to town with the nutrients when she created these veggie superstars. They are packed with vitamin and mineral infusions that are essential to detoxification, skin health, bone health, heart health and the list goes on and on.

Honestly how often do you eat kale? And rocket? What about watercress and spinach? Not enough? Well, here’s a guide to cramming green goodness into your daily eats with ease.

Spinach and eggs are a match made in palate paradise. Poach, boil or scramble and partner with a generous handful of steamed or raw spinach leaves. That’s a portion of the good stuff before you’ve even left the house.

Bubble and squeak! Mash is boring without a flash of green highlights. Into your dreamy, creamy clouds of mashed spud, stir raw watercress or steamed cabbage. For those with leafy green phobias, the flavours are beautifully hidden by the comforting potato fluff.

Next time you’re making a smoothie, add a handful of cabbage or spinach. The flavours are subtle enough to be masked by the natural sweetness of berries, apples or exotic fruit. The only giveaway will be the green tinge of the liquid, which will remind you of all the additional goodness that you are slurping. Here’s a great recipe: One handful of spinach, one handful of pineapple chunks, one cooked beetroot and one handful of dark berries with the juice of 1 lemon and 4 sticks of celery. Blast together until smooth and serve and shake up with one cup of pure coconut water.

Rocket is delicious when stirred into pasta dishes and sprinkled on pizza. Be generous – a portion is a heaped handful, and the natural bitter appeal of these leaves complements the flavours of pesto, mozzarella and tomato beautifully.

Greens can be stuffed into wraps, burgers, sandwiches and pittas, adding a serious splash of nutrients whilst remaining relatively undetected. Cram them in alongside meats, eggs, fish and other yummy fillings and any watercress or spinach will simply add an interesting dimension of texture. Pitta filled with hummus, cooked chickpeas, sun dried tomatoes, olives and a large handful of rocket is a delicious alternative to a boring sandwich.

When making stews, chilli, soups, cottage pie and sauces like bolognaise shove loads of spinach in – this leaf reduces to almost undetectable levels, with a subtle, gentle flavour. For more adventurous green go-getters, kale, pak choi and savoy cabbage add an interesting twist to dinner time favourites.

Base your salads with rocket and watercress instead of iceberg lettuce leaves. Getting into this habit will provide far more nutrients and flavour too. Carrots, tomatoes, olives, radishes and avocado make perfect green leaf salad companions.

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