Exercises for a Full Body Workout

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To achieve a slimmer and more toned physique it is important to work all areas of the body which is most effectively achieved through employing a number of different types of exercise.

Sure you can get pedantic and laboriously tick off direct exercises to use each and every muscle of your body, or you can select a range of different types of workouts which will serve to tick all the boxes toward achieving overall body satisfaction, without really thinking about it.

Let’s begin with the foundation of a good exercise regime – cardiovascular activity. This category of training serves to keep your fat composition in check which allows all the honing and toning to show through. Cardio also helps to sculpt and build tone, mainly in your legs and core, whilst strengthening and improving fitness levels. Mix up your cardiovascular training and select from running, power walking, swimming, cycling and rowing.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is another example of cardiovascular activity, which blasts calories and improves fitness at a highly efficient rate. It also incorporates a range of exercises, so as to challenge the body to the maximum level and target the most problematic areas. Squats are a popular feature in high intensity interval routines, which focus primarily on the legs, thigh and glute muscles. You can attend HIIT classes at gyms, and also access plenty of HIIT workout videos online. Simply type ‘HIIT workouts at home’ into Youtube, and you will find an array of routines to choose from.

Your ‘core’ muscles include the abdominals which can be the most problematic area of all for many people. Cardiovascular activity works this area well, but Pilates holds the core of the body as its primary focus. Pilate classes address all areas of the body too, but the core systems are continuously engaged. Adding a few Pilate workouts to your weekly routine will help develop overall body shape improvement, whilst shaping and defining your waist. You can attend Pilate classes which are tailored to work specific body parts such as the upper and lower body or specific to your legs etc. There are also a number of very effective Pilates DVDs available now for you to work out in the privacy of your home.

Toning the body and invigorating the mind are also important aspects of a good exercise regime. Yoga can work wonders when incorporated into a varied routine. Many people find Bikram yoga most efficient when it comes to building overall body tone, whilst trimming fat – due to the rapid rate of calorie burn. There are even facial yoga techniques that you can employ if you are serious about toning every single inch of your body! If you type ‘facial yoga techniques’ into your internet search engine, you will discover an abundance of interactive guides.

Finally, incorporating some kind of resistance training using dumbbells will assist in targeting the arm, shoulder and upper back muscles to enhance a lean, toned torso.

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