Decision Making

December 1st, 2013 by


We make decisions every single day; every single hour of every single day. We need to make the decision to get out of bed before it even begins. But when it comes to those really big decisions, the ones that can turn your life upside down, it can be hard to know where to start…

Before it even comes to making a decision, whatever it may be, it is essential that you refrain from worrying about the outcome. Remaining calm is vital to thinking straight. If you worry about an outcome, you are visualising and focusing on negative possibility. By doing so your brain is wired to seek ways to make this become a reality. If you focus on positive outcomes, you are telling yourself to find ways to get there – that it is a reality waiting to happen.

Always weigh up your options before you commit to a decision. Your situation may appear limited at first glance, but talking through your situation with an inspiring and open-minded friend or family member can help you to see it from a fresh, new perspective.

Whatever your decision – whether life-changing or goal-setting – ensure that you are completely comfortable with it – that it has come from within you, and not prompted by somebody else. Make sure that a generous dose of intuition has helped shape your motivations, and certainly not another person’s expectations or values.

Imagine your ‘ideal self’ – If you were already the person that you are aspiring to be, what decision would you make. Take example from those people who truly inspire you – what would they do in this position?

Remember that you are fully accountable for your decisions and actions in life. You shape your own reality; it is only you in the driving seat. Nobody else can be held accountable for your current position in life and it is only you who can truly motivate change.

Once you have made the decision, implement it with whole-hearted vigour and drive. Visualise the ideal outcome and goal of your decision, and do not lose sight of it until you reach it. Create milestone goals to punctuate the journey ahead.

Remain thankful for your decision and for the outcome that you are working toward. This is a powerful manifestation tool – one which helps to pave out a pathway to reach your goal and make it a reality.

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