Day 315 – 329 – Crisis Management & Long Hours but Still Training Hard!

May 26th, 2014 by

I have struggled to keep up with my blog and social media over the last 2 weeks, work has been manic with the news that our General Contractor on our largest and most high profile project have gone bankrupt! I have been at panic stations helping to make sure that all of us on the project are not sent home and still have jobs. The client is on the warpath but it looks as though we have managed to keep everyone employed but we are not out of the woods yet! This stress and workload has been very testing, previously I would have sought the bottom of a bottle to keep myself ‘sane’ but the new David has focused on training every working day to split up the chaos. I have just completed my 5th week of my 12 week transformation program. I am down 6 kg but in terms of muscle mass I have grown significantly. I am feeling strong and determined to reach my end goal. I have in my mind that by Christmas this year I will have completed my transformation. It would have been approximately 18 months of hard work to get there but it is going to be a lifetime of continued hard work to maintain that. I never want to go back to the person I was and I am looking forward to the exciting challenges and new opportunities that are going to present themselves in the next 6 months.

I am still trying to decide what my next challenge will be, at the moment I have been focused on my job, continuing to lose weight and starting my company in Dubai. I could really do with some inspiration to help me decide what to tackle next, I have thought about taking on a triathlon or another marathon but I think I want to do something much more inspirational, something more challenging, something that is unique, rare and not an everyday event. I am really searching hard but not coming up with an answer that makes me think wow that would be an incredible achievement – if anyone has any wild suggestions then I am willing to listen!

I hope to stay on top of the blog and social media a lot more moving forward, it has fallen to the bottom of the to do list with all the chaos that is going on at the minute. I also need to find time to have a chat with volunteers who wish to use my system to achieve their own feeling of success. Prioritization of tasks is essential in helping you to move forward and sometimes you can’t do everything that you want to; make sure you focus on the important things though, family, keeping a roof over your head and most importantly keeping healthy. At least my training regime is still on track!

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P.S. One last thing, the beer and fish & chips are not mine!

3 Responses to “Day 315 – 329 – Crisis Management & Long Hours but Still Training Hard!”

  • You are an inspiration to others so if your focus your energies in that direction who knows what you could do. Check out Jack LaLanne’s website. He inspired others for decades and was still working out the day before he died aged 96!

    Long distance running scars your heart so I hope you find a challenge that is safer. Did you look up what Dr Mercola says about it?

    Best wishes


  • Colette says:

    Keep going David! I know what it feels like to be stressed through work and health for me was always at the bottom of the to-do list. I love reading your blog and hope that the stress lessens. Keep strong :)

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