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Day 29 – A Good Comment

July 22nd, 2013 by

Today at work a former colleague rejoined the organization. She left about 4 months ago and obviously doesn’t know that I had started this lifestyle revolution. The first thing she said to me was that I looked fresh and that was after a 6 am wake up for the first day of my marathon training and a near 2 hour management meeting first thing on a Monday morning! I was pleased that she didn’t comment on my weight reduction but the fact that I looked fresh. All this juicing, early nights and exercising is starting to take effect, I feel stronger and more awake even without my morning coffee! It is the small things which increase motivation the most.

So I started my marathon training today and it is great to be able to say that. There is a long way to go and I am starting out ever so slowly to reduce

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the risk of injury and help my body adjust to the change. It felt great to get up first thing and begin training but I am certainly looking forward to my bed tonight! I have made the change now I need to make this change a habit – wish me luck!

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7 Responses to “Day 29 – A Good Comment”

  • Stevene says:

    That’s good advise, but most people don’t find hard training combined with restricted calories to be sustainable and can actually be very destructive. There are other approaches and view points out there, like GoKaleo, Matt Stone and Billy Craig. Another view on calorie restriction… http://180degreehealth.com/180forums/topic/linda-bacon-quotes

    • dmmd1983 says:

      I am not doing hard training whilst I am juicing, it is slow and progressive designed to get my body moving again after 10+ years of sitting in the pub! As the workouts increase in intensity then I will modify the diet accordingly, introducing lean protein and suitable carbohydrates. Thanks for the research link, will definitely check it out :)

  • mdog32 says:

    One of the comments I’ve been getting a lot of is “I didn’t recognize you from behind!” Umm….???.. Thanks??? I’m just not sure how to respond to that but I’ll take the compliment.

  • mariekeates says:

    Good luck with the training. My husband is training for the Bournemouth marathon in October while I am training for a walking marathon in September, we are both doing long miles now and it takes a lot of time and dedication, especially in the humidity we’ve been having. Don’t give up :)

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