Day 272 – 274 – Last Long Run Disappointment

March 26th, 2014 by

On Saturday I was due to have my last long run, 20 miles to be exact. I got up at 6:30 am, had my breakfast, did my stretching and headed out into the fresh Almaty Spring air to tackle the longest distance I have ever faced in my life.pic 1I set off slowly, to get loosened up and after about 20 minutes I felt a searing pain in both of my shins. I thought to myself…here we go again! I was struggling massively, I slowed down to a walking spy phone pace and the pain wouldn’t go away. I was so frustrated, eventually it eased a little and I began a slow jog as I entered into Almaty’s Botanical Gardens.The views of the mountains are incredible; it is a really fantastic place to go running when the sun is shining. I set off into the spy on my boyfriends phone grounds of the garden and I was making progress, not fast progress but simple cell phone spy steady, I was hurting though and finding it

really tough going. I came down with a cold on the Thursday night prior so I assume that my lack of strength and energy was due to that. ghostwriting I have been burning the candle at both ends for a long time and work has been really stressful so I think it is my body’s way of saying, slow down! This was not good timing for my body to give up though; I really wanted to finish my training on a high before tapering buy online essay began to give me a big confidence boost.pic 2I struggled on until I got chased by some guard dogs that had escaped their pen, which got me back into gear and up to pace! At that point I decided to leave the Botanical Gardens and head to another park that I have ran around previously, I made good time between parks, phone mobile spy my pace was good but I tired really quickly, I was really struggling. I had only completed 8 miles and it had taken me a long time to get there. When I arrived at the park I was shattered, I stopped to refuel with water, a gel and energy bar, but they had no effect. I pushed on for another 4 miles but my body gave up. I was feeling so ill that I decided not to push myself further through fear of doing some real damage. I was really disappointed; this was my last long run and was going to set me up for the final few weeks of tapering. I am going to have to really dig deep on marathon day to make sure that I can get to the finish line!



4 Responses to “Day 272 – 274 – Last Long Run Disappointment”

  • Don’t be disappointed David. You are very hard on yourself – look at what you can do now and where you started. I know you have a goal but I think you need to listen more carefully to the messages your body gives you.

  • Jean Dunn says:

    You will do it David, time is less important than completion, you’ve worked too hard and sacrificed too much not to enjoy this dream you so deserve. The Dunns will all be rooting for you from Glasgow where we attend the 3rd and final reception (for the Scottish relatives) of Stuart and Zoë’s wedding! Good luck but you won’t need it with your dedication and drive! X

  • Elaine Serra says:

    Praying for you David.

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