Day 267 – 271 – Back to Reality!

March 21st, 2014 by

Diary entryAfter my mini break in the sun it was back to work with a bump! We have a tough and demanding client on the project here in Kazakhstan which requires long working hours and the ability to manage and handle stressful situations. On my journey over the last 8 months I have learned to handle these situations better, instead of hitting the pub after work I focus on my training and meal preparation.  I am in a much better place and realize now that it is just a job and not the main focus in my life, it is a means to an end and there is no need for me to let it affect my health.

I visited my sports therapist on Monday, my hip was stiff and sore after my long mile run on Saturday and my shins and ankles were not comfortable either. We went through our normal routine and come Wednesday I was ready to hit the treadmill again…that was until I got an urgent assignment at work which confined me to a meeting room all day! I was fuming, this close to the marathon I can’t afford to miss many more training sessions! I made up for it on Thursday however, after my usual stretching routine I hit the treadmill (the snow is nearly gone which means that it looks as though my run on Saturday will finally be outside!), I had a 5 mile run as per schedule and I started out with a 5 mile walk to loosen up. I then moved to a light jog, I was still concerned with my injuries so I gave it 5 minutes to see whether I had any reaction. No reaction! I pushed the speed up some more and felt comfortable, I pushed the speed up again and was fine! I felt great, I was making good time. 5 miles in an hour is a good steady pace for me, if I wasn’t jogging or walking so to finish in under 55 minutes with a 5 minute walk and 5 minute jog was a great feeling. I was buzzing when I got off the treadmill, it was only 5 miles and well short of the 26.2 I need to cover but I just felt good. 8 months ago if someone told me I would be in a position to run 5 miles I would have laughed, picked up my scotch and taken a swig, I am very proud of how far I have come, not just with the weight loss but my life and who I am as a person. I can see the person I want to eventually become and I am not that far away!


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