Day 256 – 259 – The Comeback!!!

March 10th, 2014 by

dde256-259I have spent the last few weeks whining on about my injuries and how they are affecting my ability to train properly and stay on track for running the marathon, however today is different! Today I have some positive news about my comeback! After a difficult training session with my new orthotics on Thursday, I came up with a plan for different types of insoles for each individual shoe that would enable me to train at the level I needed to…and this plan worked! After nearly 2 weeks out and faced with 17 miles

on my schedule, I thought that the sensible thing to do was to ease back into the training and not be too concerned with the distance. I started off with a 5 minute walk to loosen up and then I attempted a light run to test whether I would have an adverse reaction to my new insole strategy. Usually I would experience pain between 3 and 5 minutes into a run so I concentrated on the screen in front of the treadmill and hoped that I wouldn’t experience any pain. 5 minutes passed then 10, 15, 20 and I had no burning sensation in my shins, I was so relieved and felt as if a big weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I pushed on and completed just over 5 miles in an hour, I felt good so I thought I would continue, another hour later and I was still running, not fast but I was covering miles and after 2 hours I was past the 10 mile mark. At this point I remembered that I was meant to be easing back into my training but I thought to myself, go hard or go home! So I went hard! The next hour I slowed down, walking in places but still managing to cover nearly 5 miles and then WHAM I hit the wall!!! What an experience! I did not know what was going on, my body was crashing, I could hardly walk, I was crawling on the treadmill, and I came over in a cold sweat and went to push the stop button. I convinced myself not to push it and then I realized what I was going through was hitting the wall and I knew I just had to be patient and push on through as it will pass. I kept trudging along at a crawl but I managed to compose and pick myself up! I couldn’t run but I could walk at a brisk pace which saw me all the way up to 17 miles. After I finished I felt incredible, not training for 2 weeks had really got me down this close to race day, but knowing I have the mental strength to dig deep, smash through the wall and finish is a huge motivator for me. Yes I have to complete another 9 miles to get to marathon distance but I know I can do it. From a state of panic over the last 2 weeks I have definitely moved to a good place. Time to get on to that plane and head for some rest and sunshine…where are my golf clubs???

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