Day 249 – 252 – Bad News! Man Down!

March 3rd, 2014 by

dde249-252So the inevitable happened, my injured hip and shin got so bad that I had to go and see the doctor. On Thursday I attempted to run and not long after starting the burning sensation in my shin meant that I couldn’t continue. My hip was struggling and was restricting me from running freely; I was at a really low point. With 6 weeks to go until the marathon it is looking bleak, I am not training as I should and I am not ready to run 26.2 miles. I have to face the brutal reality that I may not

even make the starting line…that would devastate me. No one can take away from me the hard work that I have done and how far I have come as a person over the last 8 months but I would be gutted if all the hard work I have put in didn’t have the finish that it deserves.

I trudged to my local clinic and had a chat with the doctor and told him that in 6 weeks I was due to run the marathon. He was shocked when I had told him that I had lost over 50 kg and he asked me if I meant pounds! The receptionist came back to see me in the

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waiting room and apologized for not talking to me in his usual friendly way as he didn’t recognize me! That was a great feeling, knowing that the difference in me is so vast that people don’t know who I am anymore! Anyway I digress…the short of it is that I have chronic compartment syndrome in my shin and iliopsoas bursitis in my hip! Not good news at all! If I wasn’t running the marathon then I would probably check in for a small operation on the chronic compartment syndrome to release the pressure but because recovery can take 2-3 months that is not an option. I went to see a sports therapist and he did some stretching work on my hip which really helped loosen it up the next day which I was really pleased with, ultrasonic work on my shin to increase blood flow and recovery as well as analyzing my feet to see whether there is anything that we can do to reduce the pain in my running style and shoes. These are positives, there are things that I can do to get me to the starting line but I won’t have the training I need under my belt as I need time to rest and heal – I am hoping that the adrenaline and crowd are going to get me over that finish line!

2 Responses to “Day 249 – 252 – Bad News! Man Down!”

  • Bridie Birch says:

    its good that you have taken action to get it sorted. I saw the physio todayabout my Runners Knee (I think this means I am actually a Runner now!) who said I can keep on running but I have a load of exercises to do to strengthen my knee and improve my hip flexion. However I too am behind in the training and m not anywhere near ready to run 26.2 miles. Sometimes we have to adapt our goals – I know you wanted to finish the marathon in under 5 hours, but does that mean if you finished in 5hrs 30 or 6 hours you would be disappointed? Do you want to be disappointed when finishing the marathon? I don’t think so :0) I therefore suggest you adapt your goal to be to just finish the marathon – run, walk or crawl. That is what I am doing. I just want to finish it within the 8hr 15mins alloted time to get a medal – I genuinely do not care how fast I do it in. This way, it takes off some of the pressure & hopefully I will be able to enjoy the day (through the pain) because I truly believe I will make it round, one way or the other. Just like you will.

    • David says:

      Hi Bridie, I won’t be disappointed if I finish over 5 hours, I will take your advice and change my goal to just finishing… I wanted to run the marathon and that it is what I am going to do regardless of time :)

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