Day 245 – 248 – Starting to Get Excited!

February 27th, 2014 by

david-245-248There are less than 50 days until the marathon! The time has flown past and it all seems a bit too real for my liking! I am experiencing a range of emotions, firstly excitement, I cannot wait to experience the London Marathon and the day itself it is going to be viagra and beta blockers a new experience that I hope will live up to expectations. Secondly I feel apprehension and nervousness due to this new experience and the fact that nearly 8 months no prescription viagra ago I was morbidly obese and I still have some weight to lose which makes the challenge even harder as I still have to shift a big weight around the 26.2 mile course. Thirdly I feel frustration which is mainly down to injury problems which is effecting my ability to train and reach the 5 hour goal that I have set – there is one thing to complete the marathon and then another to post a respectable time. Lastly I feel exhaustion. I can’t give any more than I have. To be disciplined with food, staying on track with regards to my eating plan and remaining focused has taken a massive effort. I haven’t deviated and have managed situations fantastically well. I am working full time on a high profile political project which is under intense scrutiny from a range of stakeholders which takes up the majority of my day and causes a serious level of stress. I am training to run a marathon which is a challenge for anyone let alone someone as unhealthy, unfit and ill as me which also requires a serious amount of managing injuries. On top of this I am running my website and social media as well as writing a book on my story and system, designing running shirts and hiring a

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After Saturday’s 16 mile run of brutality I decided to have myself a little rest on Sunday ahead of another busy week at work. On Monday lunchtime I managed to escape from the office for a few hours to hit the gym and get 5 miles in – I was still hurting and after my stretch I could only manage 2 miles before my shin had enough, it was burning really bad and the new support that I had purchased to counteract that wasn’t working. It was clear that my body was not ready for more running. On Tuesday canadian pharmacy junk email I rested as per the plan, I made sure that I iced my legs and stretched to try and sooth these aching muscles ready for my training session on Wednesday…which didn’t happen because of the intense workload that where to buy viagra online I have been under on my project! I really am struggling to get the miles in and my body is pretty much screaming at me to stop but I keep going, once I have pulled this marathon off I think I am going to treat myself to a little rest…(that will never happen…)

2 Responses to “Day 245 – 248 – Starting to Get Excited!”

  • Bridie Birch says:

    Hi David
    as a recent follower of yours on twitter I really enjoying reading your updates. London will be my first marathon also & I can totally empathise with many of the things you are experiencing – the pain, the nagging doubts, the panic and the enormous sense of achievement that comes after completing every long run. I am sure this is the best thing I have ever done but is also the hardest. I will look out for you on the day but as you will be so slim by then you certainly wont stand out in the crowd! Good luck & keep at it, because you are inspiring many other first time runners. I will be supporting you all the way. I’m off to panic a bit more now :0) Bridie

    • David says:

      Hi Bridie, thanks for your kind comments :) It is a roller coaster of emotions and I am just hoping that I will be ready for the big day – you’re not the only one starting to panic! lol

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