Day 242 – 244 – Furthest Yet – 16 miles!!!

February 23rd, 2014 by

Marathon Running Training:

dde242-244For the last two weeks I have been taking it easy whilst trying to recover from injury. Not being able to run has been a real concern what with the marathon being less than 8 weeks away. I needed to get some miles under my belt on Saturday and what better way than to hit 16 miles as per my training schedule! I hadn’t intended to do all 16, after 2 weeks out, I thought I would get to about 8 miles and that would be sufficient to get back into the swing of things!

I woke up about 7:30 am and got my juice, eggs and bananas in me and had a nice long stretch and prepared myself mentally, I knew I was going to be in for a tough morning. I headed to the gym, put my new insoles in my trainers and strapped up my new shin splint sleeves. I was worried about my left shin as it had flared up during a brisk walk in the week. I hit the treadmill and started off slowly with a 10 minute walk and then moved up to light jogging, as expected my left shin started burning, I tried to push through the pain but it was no good, I went back to walking and stretched at regular intervals to try and get the muscle to settle down. Eventually I tried bringing my pace up to a jog again, this time my shin allowed me to push through. My hip would give me the occasional sharp pain as a reminder that it was still not 100%. The first hour was slow and my body took its time in warming up into a rhythm – I always struggle at the beginning but know this so I don’t get despondent. The middle third of the run was good, I got into a nice pace – not too fast but moving, and it was at this point where I thought the 16 miles was really on, I got up to 8 miles and still had plenty left in the tank, I was well hydrated and had taken timely gels to make sure that I was fueled. At about 12 miles I really started to struggle, the pain in my legs started to intensify, I was finding myself walking at regular intervals just to keep moving. The last 4 miles really took their toll, mentally it was brutal, pushing myself on whilst new comers to the treadmill area would look at this beaten, sweaty and grimacing man trying to achieve something that they had no idea about. I pushed and pushed and the mileage counter felt like it was going backwards but I got there, I did it! After 2 weeks of rest I hit 16 miles, the furthest I have ever run/walk/jogged/moved on my own accord in my life. It was an amazing feeling, I was feeling sick though which is down to the gels and the length of time I was moving. It was slow and not going to get me in under 5 hours but at this point I don’t care, the name of the game is to complete this marathon regardless of time and although I am 10 miles short of a marathon distance, I know that I have the mental strength to dig deep and get to that finish line. Just under 8 months ago I started this weight loss and lifestyle change program and now in 7 weeks time I will see the fruit of all my hard labor.

I spoke to my boss this week about having a trip to Abu Dhabi to get an MRI scan on my hip, he approved my request so in just over a week I plan to fly out for 5 nights to get some sunshine, rest and medical treatment not forgetting a few rounds of golf as well. That is something to look forward too, I need a break and I think with 7 weeks to go it will be perfect timing to drive me on to the finish line!

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