Day 239 – 241 – Managing Risk

February 19th, 2014 by

dde-239I have spent some time recently working out how to make sure I get to the starting line of the marathon in one piece and finish the race. There needs to be a balance between training hard and covering the required miles and making sure that I don’t break down. Managing this risk has been a real mental rather than physical challenge. I am dying to get back running at full pace but I know that I am not ready yet, yes I need to complete miles but if I complete these miles I run the risk of serious injury and failing in my attempt to run the marathon.

I took it easy on Monday, I went to the gym and stretched for half an hour and then followed that up with a 20 minute walk and 20 minutes on the bike. My hip felt tight but it wasn’t as bad as it has been which was good news, I made sure that I took it easy when I got home, stretched and iced it. Tuesday was a rest day so by Wednesday I was chomping at the bit to get on that treadmill and start pounding out some miles again – my job had other plans for that though! The client dropped a massive bombshell and I was running about trying to save causalities which meant that come training time I was still on the project site. I managed to escape and head out to the gym for a stretch and 30 minute walk, disappointing but all that I could fit in. Every time I don’t hit my mileage target I know that I am not progressing and exposing my body to the increased rigors needed to tackle a marathon but I remain optimistic.

I received a package on Wednesday afternoon from Physio Room, I decided to treat myself to some more running/support/recovery equipment in what feels like one last attempt to cure the injuries that I have been struggling with, I got the following:

  • TouchTENS machine to help my muscles with recovery – I used my brother’s at Christmas and thought that it helped
  • Ironman gel inserts for my trainers to help reduce impact which I’m hoping will ease the pain on my shins and knees
  • 1000 mile full length compression socks to help with recovery
  • Shin splint supports which I hope will offer more than my current compression sleeves
  • Calf compression and icing support – this I hope will really help in reducing the swelling and pain in my shins
  • Compression t-shirt to help with my training and the expansion of my lung capacity

I am hoping that the above equipment can really do some good and give me the boost I need as I hunt down the last few weeks of hard training. I need to hit a 20 miler at least before the big day, fingers crossed I can do that and maintain other distances in the week so that I give a good account of myself on the day of the race.

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