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Day 211 – 214 – Still struggling

January 25th, 2014 by

I kicked off this week with my normal Monday run, it is only 3 miles at this point so it is no big deal however after last Saturday’s 8 miler my body screamed at me to stop. I suffered shin splints and my hip was in agony, I bombed out after just over 2 miles. I was really disappointed after covering 8 miles in one go 2 days earlier but it has to be expected. I am going from nearly 400 pounds to marathon runner in 9 months, my body hasn’t got a clue what is going on!  I have been hobbling on my hip all week, it has really got me down as there is just no sign of improvement. I have been taking ibuprofen, stretching and icing it but it isn’t having a positive effect, I am starting to worry especially with there being only 78 days left until the London Marathon. I am planning on going to see a physio over the weekend to see if they can diagnose what is wrong and give me a plan for fixing it. I have skipped 2 training sessions after the aborted one on Monday, a friend of mine who has run the marathon before gave me some advice to stop and focus on just keeping fit with swimming, biking or something that is going to minimize impact. He told me that he had trained for a marathon with an injury before and that it set him back massively, so I am going to listen to his advice and take a small break from the treadmill.

Work has been hectic, the boss is away and I have been running around trying to keep on top of some extra responsibilities. We also have the client flying in from the US next week so the stress is not going to let up. Being healthy, training and looking after yourself is a full time job, it is tiring and I am looking forward to getting the marathon out of the way and taking a breather. This effort has got to rank alongside my MBA in terms of dedication and hard work; however nothing worth having in life is going to be easy. I am an advocate of hard work and believe that is the reward itself. I saw a meme this week that said that just before the breaking point is when the miracle happens, the miracle is 78 days away, I have to just keep going and make sure I don’t break.


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