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Day 207 – 210 – Still in Pain but…

January 20th, 2014 by

207 - 210 Daily Diary


Earlier this week I missed my Wednesday training session due to a hip injury I had sustained on Monday, on Thursday it still had not improved so I missed my second training session in a row. As you can imagine I was extremely disappointed and when I should be pushing the intensity of my training I have to rest and recover. I thought that by Saturday I would be in a position to complete my long run and on Friday morning my hip felt as though it was nearly recovered, that was until I slipped walking up the steps of an institute I am working with which resulted in me stretching my hip and landing hard on my knee. I was fuming as I was now in severe pain and I thought that my Saturday run was in jeopardy. When I got home I made sure that I iced my hip and covered myself in anti-inflammatory cream. On Saturday morning before my run I felt ok and decided that I would give my furthest run a try. As a headed out of my apartment block on a sunny morning I was in a good mood, knowing I had a challenge ahead of me, I felt confident that I could achieve the 8 miles needed to stay on track…until I slipped and fell on the ice! A sharp pain went straight through my hip and I was cursing the Kazakh winter. I pulled myself up and through gritted teeth made my way to the gym. After a stretching session I headed over to a treadmill, I started off by walking,

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then a slow jog and before long I was at full pace. My hip felt ok, the odd twinge here and there but I got myself into a good rhythm and glided through the 8 miles. It was a real confidence boost for me and I am not intimidated by the longer distances, I know they are going to be tough but if I remain focused and take my time I will be able to complete this marathon.

A good friend of mine told me to watch ‘The Marathon Man’ which is a 3 part series following comedian Eddie Izzard as he attempts to run 43 marathons in 50 days around the UK. With 7 weeks training beforehand the 47 year old who had no previous running experience completed the challenge on time. It was a real motivator for me, if a man who is not trained to run a marathon let alone 43 can complete this insane feet, then someone like me who has put an immense amount of work in over the last 6 months will be able to complete 26.2 miles. It really is worth a watch and can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCqdsthGyJA

On Thursday evening I was invited to talk at a leadership group on the change that I have gone through over the last 6 months. It was a fantastic opportunity for me to meet new people and inspire them with my story and how I have changed my life from being unhealthy, unhappy and stuck in the Tanzanian jungle to being on the brink of running the London Marathon. My talk went down really well and I received some great feedback, this is definitely something that I would love to do full time…time to make that happen.

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