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Day 204 – 206 – Pain & Recovery

January 15th, 2014 by

204I haven’t missed a training session for some time; I have been focused and dedicated which has served me well. On Monday I was scheduled to run 3 miles which I completed ok but I felt a twinge in my right hip. I didn’t think too much of it until I woke up on Tuesday morning in agony. Tuesday is a rest day so I thought by Wednesday I would be fine, that wasn’t the case however and on Wednesday morning I decided to miss my 5 mile run and take another day of recovery. I hope that the pain doesn’t continue for the rest of the week as I am due to run 3 miles on Thursday and 8 on Saturday. The long run on Saturday is the most important session but I am still struggling with aches and pains particularly shin splints so I want to get as many miles under my belt as possible leading up to the big day. There has to be a balance however if I continue to push on through an injury then I run the risk of exacerbating it and causing myself some long term damage which will ultimately affect whether I run the marathon at all which would devastate me after all the hard work and effort that I have put in over the last 6 months in changing my life.

I have spoken time and again about the importance of sleep and my lack of sleep hit me hard on Tuesday night, I had been neglecting my body crying out for sleep and after nearly falling asleep in a client meeting and feeling pretty lousy I decided to get an early night and some rest. I went to bed at 8pm and slept through until 6, I felt so much fresher but guilty that I hadn’t been paying as much attention to my sleep as I should – it is something that I am going to take more seriously, however it is difficult to fit in the time!


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  • Sleep is massively important so well done for listening to your body in the end. I do an exercise with people to look at different aspects that make up a healthy life – let me know if you’d like me to send it to you.

    I’m a bit behind reading your blog now having been away with work but your journey has been so fascinating I’m looking forward to catching up a bit now.

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