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Day 197 – 200 – A Good Start to the Week – 93 Days Left

January 10th, 2014 by


Having less than 100 days left to run the London Marathon is a real motivator, there is no time off, the training is full on and I have to continue to be super disciplined. My training program consists of 4 runs in a week – one on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. During the week they are fairly short with Saturday saved for the long slow run that is designed to get my body used to running prolonged periods. On Monday I was scheduled to run 3 miles which I did at a 5.5 mph pace which was great for me, I felt confident that I could get back on track after last week’s setback so was buzzing for the rest of the week. I had a 5 mile run to do on Wednesday which is my longest run so far; I started off well at a 5.5 mph pace like on Monday but after 2 miles I was experiencing a searing pain in my right shin, I slowed to a walk for a mile to ease up and let the pain subside, it felt ok so for the last 2 miles I reverted to a 5 mph pace

which I was fine with. By the end of the 5 miles I was starting to ache but nothing too major or worrying. To prevent further onsite of muscle soreness and pain in my joints I take a recovery pack of supplements and make sure that I massage in some deep relief ibuprofen gel before I go to sleep, this usually does the trick and enables me to walk in the morning. After Wednesday’s 5 mile run I was apprehensive as to how my body would hold out for Thursday 3 mile run. I stretched well as I always do and hit the treadmill, straight away I felt the 5 miles from the day before, my legs felt like lead. I set the treadmill at a very slow jog pace 4.8 mph and told myself to just get on with it. It was tough, my legs were struggling even with the slow pace but I kept telling myself ‘Donnelly if you feel bad now imagine how you will feel after 22 miles!’ this motivated me to push on, it was slow and painful but I did it. I felt proud of myself for not succumbing to the aches and pains, stopping would have been the easy option but at this point in the game I cannot stop for anything. I have 3 months to turn myself into a marathon runner…this is definitely the biggest challenge that I have taken on, at times it can be frightening but as long as I remain disciplined, focused and determined I will succeed.

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