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Day 186 – 189 – Rest, Relaxation and Back to Reality

January 1st, 2014 by


Every trip home that I take is a whirlwind of travel, meeting up with family, friends and trying to fit in as much as I can. This trip was no different. After running around London with Raushana we then covered miles seeing my grandparents in Norfolk, my parents in Cambridgeshire and my Grandfather in Newcastle (as well as watch the mighty Newcastle United win 5-1!). It was great seeing them all as it has been 3 years since I was last home for Christmas but it was exhausting at the same time. I managed to keep on track with my training and my body was sore from the road running but it is all good preparation for April. I managed to get 2 days downtime just before leaving for Kazakhstan, one of those days I spent time playing golf with my dad and brothers on a beautiful but crisp English winter’s day. I walked the 5 miles around the course with ease, it was a great feeling, not having to book a buggy because I was not fit enough to finish a round of golf. My only problem was that I played appallingly which I can attribute to having a reduced belly to swing my club around as well as being unbalanced and not being used to the reduced weight that I have to shift! I think I need to spend some time on the practice range building a new slim line swing!

I was not looking forward to coming back to Kazakhstan and the sub zero temperatures; I managed to get a couple of hours sleep on the flight but had to go to work as soon as I landed in the morning. As you can imagine this was quite painful! It was a long day and I couldn’t wait to go home, unpack and head to bed. It is going to take a few days to get over the jet lag and get back into the routine. The New Year celebrations are a massive event in Kazakhstan and the country as a whole shuts down for a few days which means I have limited time to get to the supermarket and restock the fridge. I am at my best once I am settled and in a routine, I have missed the gym and can’t wait to begin pounding the treadmill again and give my body a break from the road running. Due to the stress that my body goes through with road running and the fact that the marathon will not be on a treadmill, I have to manage exposing my body to the rigors of running outside at the same time reducing the risk of a potential injury. The next 100 days is going to be critical to my success, the last 6 and a half months have been a warm up in comparison. I have come a long way, lost a lot of weight and changed my lifestyle considerably but to complete the transformation and run the marathon is going to take a monumental effort. I’m up for it though…

6 Responses to “Day 186 – 189 – Rest, Relaxation and Back to Reality”

  • Safa says:

    I have been more or less following you since the start and I just wanted to say that if there’s anyone who can do it, it is YOU! :) I started trying to lose my pregnancy weight gain around the same time as you started your weight loss journey, I have had a lot of faltering stops and have not made a lot of progress. But I’ve not thrown in the towel yet and am using this new year to refresh my goals.

    • David says:

      Thanks for your support Safa, it is great to hear that you have been following me :) Keep going with your journey, we all encounter issues along the way but stay focused and determined and you will get there!

  • Ruth says:

    Hi there! I just wanted to say I’m rooting for you!

  • Elaine Serra says:

    Getting excited for you David! I love following your steps to the marathon. Keep up the great work!

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