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Day 172 – 175 – Growing Confidence

December 16th, 2013 by

I have spoken previously about mental preparation and being ready to undertake a challenge on the scale that I have, there is one thing being mentally prepared at the very beginning but it is imperative that you meet mental challenges head on throughout the process of goal attainment. One mental challenge that I am in the middle of battling is confidence in my ability to pull this goal off, losing the weight and running the 26.2 miles needed to reach the finish line of the marathon. The last few weeks have been a real wake up call, the patience and determination required to keep and track and complete each training and stretching session is immense especially when it is a real struggle at times to complete. However on Saturday I had a real confidence boost, I got up early, packed my bag, pulled on my tracksuit and walked the 1 and a half miles to the gym. I completed a 25 minute stretching session and after 5 minutes walk to warm up I began my run. The target was 40 minutes, I got there comfortably and even pushed myself for an additional 5 before at a faster pace before I reigned myself in to prevent possible injury from being over excited! It was a great feeling and gave me a real big boost, this marathon is possible, it is going to be brutal but it is achievable, I have to stay on track and be disciplined and if I do then I will be a success and attain my goal.

I received a great email from my best friend this weekend, he told me that he knew that it was going to be a difficult period coming up with the Christmas holidays and to keep my motivation up during this time he sent me a couple of photos from a weekend away that we had a few years back. They did exactly what he intended; it is unbelievable seeing the change from where I was to where I am now. I realize I am not at my final goal yet but I do realize that it is only a matter of time before my vision becomes a reality. If I continue as I am then I am going to be able to look at myself in the mirror and say ‘you did it Donnelly!’ I am determined never to go back to the life that I was leading, this weight loss and lifestyle change is a permanent one, I am embracing life and loving it. The key to life is being happy, am I there yet? No. But I have made the first step and that is identifying what it is that does make me happy and I am chasing it down as fast as I can.


2 Responses to “Day 172 – 175 – Growing Confidence”

  • Elaine Serra says:

    Keep up the great work David!

  • Lisa says:

    Great post. Stay strong. Highly recommend finding a running group. I did because I wanted to run a marathon. The group I found did walk/run….. Run for three minutes and walk for one minute. They branched off from Jeff Galloway’s marathon training. Their support was/is priceless and made it feel like a cake walk.

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