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Day 169 – 171 – Gym Membership & New Record

December 11th, 2013 by

169 - 171

On Monday I went to visit a gym next to my workplace and it is perfect for what I need over the coming winter months. It is a 5 minute walk from the office and has great facilities, a little pricey but I think that it is more than worth it so that I do not have to run in sub zero temperatures and increase my risk of injury by slipping on ice. I purchased a 6 month membership and plan to going during my lunch hour to see whether it helps with my time management. I had my last run outside for the winter on Monday evening and was pleased that I managed to keep up with the required time; however this week is the week where the time spent running really increases which means that the pressure does also. I looked through and reviewed my training schedule leading up to the marathon and the distances that I have to run really increase in a short period of time, this of course is a worry as although I have come a long way in the last 5 months to run a marathon at any level of fitness is a monumental achievement, as my brother Matty said to me ‘Dave, people die doing this s**t!’

On Wednesday I had my first session at the new gym, I went at lunchtime and before I went I ensured I was hydrated and that I had a sufficient amount of carbohydrates in my system to deal with my first 30 minute run. After 25 minutes of stretching and 5 minutes walk to get loosened up I started my run. I felt good and got into a nice rhythm, I was in the zone and continued to push on and focus on executing. Every time I thought to myself ‘my back is starting to ache’ I deliberately closed off the thought and focused only on success. I got through the 30 minutes which was a new time record for me and I was just short of 3 miles which is also a new distance record. Every time I push myself further and I see the results I am more determined and motivated to pull off the impossible and go from morbid obesity to the London Marathon finish line in 10 months. If I complete my goal I would have achieved the impossible and it would be the greatest achievement of my life, even more rewarding than achieving my MBA whilst working full time. I want this more than anything, I want to prove to myself that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, set out your plan and work bloody hard on executing it with discipline and determination. It is not easy but nothing worth having is. If you want to achieve your goals no matter how big they are you have to start from somewhere, it is not an overnight process but with persistent change you can have anything that you want.

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