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Day 158 – 161 – Some Great Guidance & Support

December 2nd, 2013 by

158 - 161

I spoke to an old school friend this week; he got in touch on Facebook after I posted a progress photo so we hooked up on Skype for a long overdue chat. He is currently working for a global sports marketing agency and one of his clients is Lucozade who he has worked with at the last five London Marathons. In addition he also has the experience of running many different events at various distances. We spoke at length about training, preparation but most importantly fuel! As part of the system I have developed for attaining the feeling of success there has been a focus on strategic planning, execution and monitoring & control. This is the same process for this next phase…how do I ensure that I operate at full capacity every time? What fuel do I need and when? He was brilliant and took me through his experience of actually running in big events as well as the nutritional and sports science behind the theory. I was so pleased to get this well needed support and guidance. We left it that he would develop my strategic plan for fueling my training leading up to the marathon which meant therefore that I can focus on execution to maximize my efficiency.

I went out for a run on Saturday and felt better than I had earlier in the week but I still wasn’t feeling at the top of my game. The weather has been good, cold but no snow which means I have continued to train outside which I hope to for as long as possible, I am dreading moving indoors for the winter I really am. I went to visit the gym next to my apartment block to view their facilities and see what kind of deal they could do me. I negotiated a great 6 month rate with the receptionist which meant I got a huge discount and access whenever I wanted, I then went to have a look around…I was not impressed. They had one running machine that looked really flimsy and had a sign on it that said that no one could use it unless they weighed less than 90kg. The equipment was definitely setup for muscle building and not a lot else, it was disappointing as the location was fantastic. There is another gym next to my office that I will look at this coming week, having looked at it online I know that it is going to have the right equipment and be at the standard that I require however being a half hour walk away from home is going to be tough in the freezing temperatures and snow especially when all the footpaths are iced over and a real death trap!

I had a pre-birthday night out with a good friend of mine this weekend, whilst sitting down for a bite to eat before hitting the tables we spoke about my progress and how I am dealing with it. I looked around and everyone had a drink in their hand whilst scoffing down a lot of nice but unhealthy food and I felt nothing. I didn’t want to call the waiter over and get him to bring me a beer or a plate of unhealthiness, I was in total control drinking sparkling water and eating sashimi. I had no urge to go and drink, I am in a great place and my lifestyle has completely changed for the better and it is now automatic, it is part of the routine. Having this discussion with my friend was exactly what I needed as it made me realize I was well on my way to being the person I have always wanted to be. The most satisfying part was when he looked at me and said “you are there.” I am not physically where I want to be just yet but I am there mentally which means that it is only a matter of time before I am physically. Life is good.


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