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Day 155 – 157 – Tough Session

November 27th, 2013 by

After running for over 20 minutes straight on Saturday for the first time I was extremely motivated, the change in my fitness levels has been drastic and I was confident that I would now be ready to ramp up my training in alignment with my schedule. However on Monday after I had completed my stretching routine and wrapped myself up warm, I ventured out into the cold winter evening to continue where I left off on Saturday. I always walk to my starting point about 10 minutes away to loosen up and prepare myself mentally. I began my training with a light downhill jog which turns into a slight climb and then onto a long straight. I got a couple of minutes into the long straight and I was struggling big time. I had no energy and I was aching all over, it was a big shock for me as my last training session had been so positive. I pushed on a little further but then went back to a walk. I was really not impressed with myself and started racking my brain as to the cause of this lack of energy, my preparation was the same as always but I just had nothing in me. I would break out into a jog, then tire quickly, then walk then jog again. I managed to get to the end of my training and as soon as I got home I rehydrated and ate, then started to search the internet for clues as to why I struggled as I did. I think it comes down to the fact that my body is tired and not used to the strain that I am currently putting on it, additionally I am getting nowhere near the number of hours sleep a night I need. It is something that I have talked about again and again, but I am still struggling with finding enough hours in the day to do everything that is needed.
Tuesday was a rest day and I made a real effort to go to bed early, on Wednesdays I have to get up early for a meeting on one of our projects so I struggle to find time to fit the required amount of sleep in however I managed to get just short of 7 hours which is a lot more than I have managed for a long time. With this additional sleep I felt better and was looking forward to my training session, however I experienced once again a frustrating session where my body was screaming at me ‘will you give it a rest!’ I listened and eased off, I could have pushed myself further but I am trying to find a balance between pushing hard and injury. I completed my time but my shin and back was seriously hurting, so I decided to head home put some ice packs on and watch some motivational videos to comfort myself. My favorite motivational videos at the moment are:
• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lsSC2vx7zFQ
• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6xLYt265ZM
They really do inspire me to keep going and chase down my goal of running the marathon. I hope that they can be beneficial to you also 
Losing 180 pounds and running the marathon in a year is brutally hard work. I will achieve my goal but I have to be sensible. It is a big wake up call to my body that has been used to sitting behind a desk and in a pub for the last 10 years. It is still in shock I think and it is going to take some time for it to come around to the new pressures of training and exertion that I am placing on it. I may not have had a great week so far but I am still running down miles that I wouldn’t have been doing 5 months ago so I have to keep being positive, working hard and pushing myself to succeed.

daily diary 155-157

3 Responses to “Day 155 – 157 – Tough Session”

  • Rau says:

    you actually can. thank you :)

  • Rau says:

    it is indeed brutally hard work, but you do a great job ! i see it, i know it and i believe in you. dont give up. there will be small ,as i call it “hiccups” always, but the game is “worth of lots of burned candles”. another russian phrase :) about shins and back-we will sort this out ;)

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